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Dutch Books

We currently offer a small selection of the most popular Dutch (children's) books. However, if there is a specific title you are looking for, please feel free to email us at info@typicaldutchstuff.com.


Very useful book for when you are visiting the Netherlands and if you want to be able to say the essential expressions and words. English - Dutch. Also devotes a few chapters to specific Dutch traditions and customs.

Paperback, 240 Pages €12.99

Dutch Phrase BookDutch Phrase Book

This phrase book has been compiled by experts to meet the general needs of tourists and business travellers. Arranged under headings such as hotels, driving and so forth, the selection of useful words and phrases is supported by a 2000-line mini-dictionary. By cross-reference to this, additional phrases may be formed. There is also an extensive menu guide listing approximately 500 dishes or methods of cooking and presentation. The pronunciation of words and phrases in the main text is imitated in English syllables, and highlighted sections illustrate some of the replies you may be given and the signs or instructions you may hear.

Paperback, 128 Pages €12.99

Dutch in Three MonthsDutch in Three Months

Stop talking double Dutch and start talking the official language of the Netherlands with this guide, which should help you to build your vocabulary and perfect your grammar. Whether you are conversing with a tulip seller or asking directions to the Van Gogh museum, this title aims to help you feel confident understanding and speaking the language. The text features stories focusing on phrases and styling and a structured week-by-week format to help you understand and speak Dutch in only three months.

Paperback, 256 Pages €16.99

Dutch DelightDutch Delight *OUR FAVORITE*

Find your way in to the Dutch soul and get to know the Dutch through their food. Learn what they eat and drink, graze through their eating habits and recipes, and when you’re done, try them. Enjoy Dutch delights as haring or the internationally admired Dutch pils. And travel from old fashioned customs as rusk with mice to the hypermodern junkfood from the wall.

With recipes of typical Dutch food, from stamppot and pannenkoeken to vlaflip. Easy to digest and tastefully illustrated with over 300 mouthwatering pictures, this book forms a thorough introduction to the typical Dutch kitchen, as well as a great souvenir!

Paperback, 128 Pages €29.99

The UnDutchablesThe UnDutchables *NEW*

"Nothing is more interesting than to see yourself through the eyes of an outsider. The UnDutchables is a very revealing treatise about us... This book in a very exact yet funny way discloses all the secrets about us that we really would have preferred to keep to ourselves. In other words, they hang out the dirty linen...

The authors have clearly looked much farther than wooden shoes and tulips... Even the way we stir sugar in our coffee has not escaped their notice and not until you read this book from cover to cover do you understand how much our behavior, that we consider as completely normal ourselves, borders on insanity for a non-Netherlander."

Paperback, 280 Pages €29.99

De Nederlandse keuken/ Dutch cuisineDe Nederlandse keuken/ Dutch cuisine *OUT OF STOCK*

A great book that includes many typically Dutch recipes and many photographs. In Dutch and English.

hardcover, 96 pages €21.99

BaantjerBaantjer Novels *NEW*

The Baantjer series are famous detective novels and it has been transformed into a televion series on Dutch TV! The books are in Dutch.

Choose Title:

De KameleonDe Kameleon Novels *NEW*

What Dutch child has not heard about the Kameleon? The books are in Dutch.

Choose Title:

The Dutch I Presume?The Dutch I Presume? *NEW*

Dealing with over 40 prominent features of Holland, this book provides an instant insight in Dutch society. Ranging from Rembrandt to Cruijff, from flowers to food, or from windmills to architecture, it explains to you the soul of The Netherlands and its inhabitants.

paperback €29.99

Ik Mis Alleen de HemaIk Mis Alleen de Hema *NEW*

In Ik mis alleen de HEMA vertellen emigranten en spijtoptanten over hun grote avontuur. Met welke dromen en verwachtingen vertrokken ze? Hoe is het leven in het nieuwe land? De fascinerende verhalen geven een indringende kijk in hun leven. In Dutch.

paperback, 240 pages €26.99

Kikker en het VogeltjeKikker en het Vogeltje *NEW*

Kikker en het Vogeltje by Max Velthuijs. In Dutch.

hardcover €19.99

Kikker in de WindKikker in de Wind *NEW*

Kikker en de wind by Max Velthuijs. In Dutch.

hardcover €19.99

Kikker is VerliefdKikker is Verliefd *NEW*

Kikker is Verliefd by Max Velthuijs. In Dutch.

hardcover €19.99

Kikker in de KouKikker in de Kou *NEW*

Kikker in de Kou by Max Velthuijs. In Dutch.

hardcover €19.99

Kikker is bangKikker is Bang *NEW*

Kikker is Bang by Max Velthuijs. In Dutch.

hardcover €19.99

Kikker is KikkerKikker is Kikker *NEW*

Kikker is Kikker by Max Velthuijs. In Dutch.

hardcover €19.99

Rupsje NooitgenoegRupsje Nooitgenoeg *NEW*

Rupsje Nooitgenoeg. In Dutch.

hardcover €13.99

Dikkie Dik het vierverhalenboek Dikkie Dik het Vierverhalenboek *NEW*

Dikkie Dik het vierverhalenboek. In Dutch. With Dikkie Dik doll.

hardcover €25.99

Het Feest van NijntjeHet Feest van Nijntje *NEW*

Het Feest van Nijntje. In Dutch. 16 x 16cm


Nijntje VliegtNijntje Vliegt *NEW*

Nijntje Vliegt. In Dutch. 16 x 16cm


Nijntje Aan ZeeNijntje Aan Zee *NEW*

Nijntje Aan Zee. In Dutch. 16 x 16cm


NijntjeNijntje *NEW*

Nijntje. In Dutch. 16 x 16cm


Nijntje in de DierentuinNijntje in de Dierentuin *NEW*

Nijntje in de Dierentuin. In Dutch. 16 x 16cm


Nijntje in de SneeuwNijntje in de Sneeuw *NEW*

Nijntje in de Sneeuw. In Dutch. 16 x 16cm


Jip en JannekeJip en Janneke *NEW*

Jip en Janneke, in Dutch.

hardcover, 353 pages €30.99

FloddertjeFloddertje *NEW*

Floddertje, in Dutch.

hardcover, 96 pages €22.99

Pluk van de PettefletPluk van de Petteflet *NEW*

Floddertje, in Dutch.

hardcover, 168 pages €25.99

OtjeOtje *NEW*

Otje, in Dutch.

hardcover, 160 pages €25.99

Hello Holland Hello Holland DVD *OUT OF STOCK*

Hello Holland is a video journey through the most beautiful cities, museums, attractions, and sights in the Netherlands. Learn about the water, the flowers, the cheese, the wooden shoes and the famous artists of our delightful country. Available in PAL and NTSC format. Spoken in 8 different languages: English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese, and Spanish.

Choose Format:

Pretpark Nederland Pretpark Nederland DVD *NEW*

Pretpark Nederland is a documentary about the Netherlands and its culture. The Dutch do strange things in their spare time and this DVD sheds a light on these activities and locations. A very funny documentary; we really recommend it! In Dutch, DVD region 2. Check out the trailer below!


Trailer Pretpark Nederland

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