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Dutch Candy

Katja Mini BiggetjesKatja Mini Biggetjes *NEW*

Piglet-shaped soft fruit foam.

3.29 180g

Katja Berry DeliciousKatja Berry Delicious *NEW*

Katja Berry Delicious, with real fruit juices.

2.99 200g

Red Band Truly Fruity Tropical ChasersRed Band Truly Fruity Tropical Chasers *NEW*

Red Band Truly Fruity Tropical Chasers.

2.99 150g

Look-O-Look Kauwe Koeie MixLook-O-Look Kauwe Koeie Mix *OUT OF STOCK*

Cow-shaped chewing gum.

2.69 65g

Look-O-Look Lange SlangenLook-O-Look Lange Slangen *OUT OF STOCK*

Strawberry flavored candy.

2.69 65g

Look-O-Look Beesten BendeLook-O-Look Beesten Bende *OUT OF STOCK*

Winegums and foam gums shaped like animals.

2.69 125g

Look-O-Look Salmiak RakkersLook-O-Look Salmiak Rakkers *OUT OF STOCK*

Salmiak lollies.

2.69 140g

Look-O-Look Bling Bling ArmdingLook-O-Look Bling Bling Armding *OUT OF STOCK*

Candy bracelets.

2.69 140g

Look-O-Look Zure OpkickersLook-O-Look Zure Opkickers *OUT OF STOCK*

Strawberry flavored sour candy mats.

2.69 125g

Look-O-Look Feest BeestenLook-O-Look Feest Beesten *OUT OF STOCK*

Mixed candy.

2.69 75g

Look-O-Look Letter LolliesLook-O-Look Letter Lollies *OUT OF STOCK*

Lolly pops with letter print.

2.69 120g

Redband Truly JuicyRedband Truly Juicy *NEW*

Redband Truly Juicy; delicious berry fruit gums made with real fruit juice.

2.99 225g

Redband Truly SplashyRedband Truly Splashy *NEW*

Redband Truly Splashy; delicious fruit drops.

2.99 300g

Redband Truly SmoothyRedband Truly Smoothy *NEW*

Smooth yoghurt/fruit gums.

2.99 150g

Redband Truly Juicy Giant ChewsRedband Truly Juicy Giant Chews *NEW*

Chewy strawberry fruit gum.

2.99 300g

Redband Truly Juicy Giant ChewsRedband Truly Juicy Twister Fruits *NEW*

Strawberry and apple fruit gum.

2.99 300g

Redband Truly Smoothy Party AnimalsRedband Truly Smoothy Party Animals *NEW*

Fruit gum animals.

2.99 300g

Redband Truly Juicy Sweetheart ToffeesRedband Truly Juicy Sweetheart Toffees *NEW*

Fruit toffees in 3 flavors: orange, raspberry, and lemon.

2.99 300g

Fruitella DummysFruitella Dummy's *NEW*

14 small packs with Fruitella Dummy's (we remember these from our childhood birthday parties!).

2.99 140g

Fruitella MixFruitella Mix *NEW*

22 mini fruitellas.

2.99 140g

Zonnatura DominorozijntjesZonnatura Dominorozijntjes *NEW*

A healthy snack: raisins.

2.99 126g

Haribo MaoamHaribo Maoam *NEW*

Candy mix.

3.99 375g

AH HeksendropAH Dropgom *NEW*

AH Dropgom; winegums combined with licorice.

2.99 300g

AH VruchtenhartjesAH Vruchtenhartjes *NEW*

Hard heart-shaped candy with an inscription.

2.99 300g

AH GomballenAH Gomballen *NEW*

AH Gomballen.

2.99 300g

Redband Farao FantasyRedband Farao Fantasy *NEW*

Redband Farao Fantasy.

3.49 238g

Redband FruitsleutelsRedband Fruitsleutels *NEW*

Redband Fruitsleutels.

3.29 145g

Redband PretmixRedband Pretmix *NEW*

Redband Pretmix.

3.29 315g

Napoleon LempurNapoleon Lempur *NEW*

Napoleon Lempur (lemon balls)

2.99 225g

Flying SaucersFlying Saucers *NEW*

A cult product (not typically Dutch though!). Everybody knows it, everybody loves it. We offer the regular fruit flavored and licorice/salmiak flavored.

200 pieces 14.50 300g
Choose flavor:

Salmiak KnotsSalmiak Knotsen *NEW* Salmiak lollypops.

bag 2,99 250g

SchuimblokkenSchuimblokken *NEW*

If you've ever been to the Netherlands or have lived here, you will know this one.

bag (20 pieces) 2.75 150g

KaneelkussentjesKaneelkussentjes (cinnamon puffs) Light and fluffy cinnamon puffs. You will love these...if you love cinnamon.

bag 2,25 150g

Banana FoamBananen Schuimpjes (banana foam) Soft banana foam, a real delicate flavor.

bag 2.99 150g

Sugar Coated Banana FoamSugar Coated Bananen Schuimpjes Soft banana foam, a real delicate flavor.

bag 2.99 150g

AutomaatjesAutomaatjes (car shaped candy) 14 little bags filled with 20g of car shaped licorice, winegums and fruitgum!

bag 3.49 280g

Coffee HopjesCoffee Hopjes Original Dutch Hopjes, with a caramel/coffee taste.

bag 3.25 150g

HopjesHaagse Hopjes

Hard coffee candy.

bag 11.50 1000g

Rademakers Hopjes TinRademakers Hopjes Tin *OUT OF STOCK* The old fashioned hopjes in a gift tin.

tin 7.25 400g

Hoepman SpekHoepman Spek Lovely Dutch vanilla 'spek', covered with sugar.

bag 2.25 150g

Wilhelmina PeppermintWilhelmina Pepermunt

Dutch Breathmints.

box 1.99 100g

Wilhelmina PeppermintWilhelmina Pepermunt Bag

Dutch Breathmints.

bag 2.99 250g

Wilhelmina Peppermint TinWilhelmina Pepermunt in Luxury Tin

Dutch Breathmints in a tin with typical Dutch prints. OUT OF STOCK

tin 7.99 400g

Haribo SmurfsHaribo Smurfs *NEW*

Smurfs shaped candy.

silo (150 pieces) 9.50 1350g

Haribo White MousesHaribo White Mice *NEW*

Mouse shaped candy, with an aniseed flavor.

silo (150 pieces) 9.50 1350g

FruitellaFruitella *NEW*

Fruitella: fruity and chewy candy.

pack 2.99 150g

Mentos FruitMentos Fruit *NEW*

Mentos Fruit: fruity and chewy candy.

4-pack 2.99 150g

Haribo KindermixHaribo Kindermix *NEW*

Silo filled with Haribo candy.

silo 9.50 300g

Tum TumTum Tum Mix *NEW*

Tum Tum Mix.

bag 2.99 300g

Haribo KersenHaribo Kersen *NEW*

Haribo Cherry flavored candy.

bag 2.99 300g

Haribo PerzikHaribo Perziken *NEW*

Haribo Peach flavored candy.

bag 2.99 300g

Katja BiggetjesKatja Biggetjes *NEW*

Katja Biggetjes.

bag 2.99 500g

Katja ZoomixKatja Zoomix *NEW*

Soft fruit flavored candy: raspberry, lemon, and cola.

bag 2.99 500g

Katja DropberenKatja Dropberen *NEW*

Soft foam with licorice.

bag 2.99 500g

Katja GumvoetjesKatja Gumvoetjes *NEW*

Soft fruit foam.

bag 2.99 500g

Katja YoghurtgumsKatja Yoghurtgums *NEW*

Soft fruit foam.

bag 2.99 500g

Katja 7 SnoeperKatja Katja 7 Snoeper *NEW*

7 different kinds of candy in one bag.

bag 4.29 480g

Redband Snoepmix OriginalRedband Snoepmix Original *NEW*

Redband Snoepmix Original

bag 3.49 300g

Redband Snoepmix FantasyRedband Snoepmix Fantasy *NEW*

Redband Snoepmix Fantasy.

bag 3.49 300g

Redband Snoepmix ClassicRedband Snoepmix Classic *NEW*

Redband Snoepmix Classic.

bag 3.49 300g

Red Band StophoestRed Band StopHoest *NEW*

Salmiak flavored candy.

pack 2.99 300g

BabbelaarZeeuwse Babbelaar *OUT OF STOCK*

Creamy butterscotch candy.

bag 11.50 1000g

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