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Dutch Cheese

The Dutch are well known for their cheeses, and now you can judge this for yourself. Every cheese will be sealed, to ensure the shelf life will be optimal once arrived. You can order our cheese until the end of June, because we do not ship it in the summer due to the heat. The weight of the cheese can differ slightly. The dairy products on this page can not be shipped to the U.S., due to stricter customs regulations

Old AmsterdamOld Amsterdam Old Gouda cheese, riped to perfection. One of Holland's finest cheeses.

8,99 350g

Baby EdammerBaby Edammer (wrapped in red foil) This is a well known cheese, it has been produced since the 14th century, has a slightly salty flavor.

11,99 900g

Gouda Aged CheeseGouda Aged Cheese Cheese, riped in a special way (about 12 months), gives the cheese a rather salt taste.

9.99 +/- 500g

Gouda Mature CheeseGouda Mature Cheese Cheese, riped for about 4 months, gives the cheese a rather salt taste, but not as much as the aged cheese.

9,99 +/- 500g

Gouda Extra Mature CheeseGouda Extra Mature Cheese Cheese, riped for about 4 months, gives the cheese a rather salt taste, but not as much as the aged cheese.

9,99 +/- 500g

Gouda Mature Cumin CheeseMature Cumin Gouda Cheese Mature cheese, with cumin seeds added during the riping process.

9.99 +/- 500g

Gouda Young CheeseGouda Young Cheese Young cheese is always creamy and soft, riped for about 4 weeks.

9,99 1kg

CheeseslicerCheeseslicer A good cheeseslicer is essential for cutting your cheese.

7,99 150g

We can not be held responsible for any quality loss that might occur during transit. All our cheeses are vacuumsealed, so it should arrive in a normal condition. After opening, you can keep the cheese in the fridge for about 1 to 2 weeks, in an airtight container.

For more information on (Dutch) cheese, please check out ILoveCheese

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