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Dutch Chocolate

Melting Warning!

Tony's ChocolonelyTony's Chocolonely *NEW* 100% Slave Free Chocolate. Tony's Factory wants to change the cocoa industry. The labor conditions for some workers are so bad that according to the United Nations one can speak of slavery; often these workers are children. Tony's Factory believes those who work for the chocolate should be paid so that they can enjoy the chocolate as well.

bar 4.99 200g

Kinder ChocoladeKinder Chocolade *NEW* Kinder Chocolade, with added milk.

16-pack 3.29 200g

Kinder SurpriseKinder Surprise *NEW* Who doesn't remember the Kinder Surprise? Milk chocolate eggs with a toy inside.

3-pack 3.19 200g

After Eight Mint ChocolatesAfter Eight Mint Chocolates *NEW* After Eight Mint Chocolates.

pack 2.99 200g

Verkade Choco mix minisVerkade Choco Mix Minis *NEW* Various mini Verkade chocolates.

bag 3.99 150g

Verkade Cafe mix minisVerkade Cafe Mix Minis *NEW* Various mini Verkade chocolates.

bag 3.99 150g

AH Delicata Extra Dark AH Delicata Extra Dark (72%) *NEW* Extra dark chocolate.

bar 2.99 100g

AH Delicata Dark & OrangeAH Delicata Dark & Orange *NEW* Dark chocolate with orange zest.

bar 2.99 100g

AH Delicata Almond & HoneyAH Delicata Almond & Honey *NEW* Extra creamy milk chocolate with honey flavor and almond pieces.

bar 2.99 100g

AH Delicata CaramelAH Delicata Caramel *NEW* Extra creamy milk chocolate with caramel crunch.

bar 2.99 100g

AH Delicata Hazelnut & RaisinAH Delicata Hazelnut & Raisin *NEW* Extra creamy milk chocolate with hazelnuts & raisins.

bar 2.99 100g

AH Delicata Extra SmoothAH Delicata Extra Smooth *NEW* Extra creamy and smooth milk chocolate.

bar 2.99 100g

AH Delicata Extra SmoothAH Delicata Hazelnut *NEW* Extra creamy milk chocolate with hazelnuts.

bar 2.99 100g

AH Excellent Milk/Stroopwaffle ChocolateAH Excellent Milk/Stroopwaffle Chocolate *NEW* Creamy Swiss chocolate filled with bits of stroopwaffles.

bar 2.99 100g

AH Excellent Milk/Hazelnut/Raisin ChocolateAH Excellent Milk/Hazelnut/Raisin Chocolate *NEW* Creamy Swiss chocolate filled with hazelnuts and raisins.

bar 2.99 100g

AH Excellent White Chocolate with HazelnutsAH Excellent White Chocolate with Hazelnuts *NEW* Creamy Swiss white chocolate filled with hazelnuts.

bar 2.99 100g

AH FlorentinesAH Delicata Almond Florentines *NEW* Chocolate covered almonds and hazelnuts.

pack 3.99 150g

Donkers Chocolade sinaassnippersDonkers Chocolate Orange Flakes *NEW* Donkers Chocolate Orange Flakes.

pack 2.99 200g

Donkers Chocolade sinaassnippersKopiko Koffiebonbon *NEW* Kopiko Koffiebonbon.

bag 2.99 150g

Coconut Peanut RocksChocolate Peanut 'Rocks' *NEW* Peanuts and chocolate, a fantastic combination.

box 2.99 150g
Choose Flavor:

Coconut ChocolateChocolate Covered Mocca Beans *NEW* Chocolate covered mocca beans

box 2.99 150g

Foiled Ice Cups Foiled Ice Cups *NEW* A favorite, Foiled Ice Cups! Available in milk or white chocolate and in Irish coffee flavor.

pack 2,25 175g
Choose Flavor:

NegerzoenenNegerzoenen Negerzoenen are hard to describe; a crispy biscuit, topped with a light white cream and covered in dark chocolate. They taste delicious!

10-pack 2,99 175g

Mini NegerzoenenMini Negerzoenen Mini negerzoenen in 3 different flavors; milk, white and dark chocolate.

20-pack 3,25 200g

ToffifeeToffifee We know this isn't a "real" Dutch product, but we do know that in some places in the world it is difficult to get. That's why we've decided to add this highly addictive treat to our selection. Enjoy!

box 2.35 125g

Merci CrocantMerci Crocant These are absolutely amazing! Hazelnut crocant dipped in Merci chocolate, very addictive!

2.99 200g

Musket FlikkenMusket Flikken *NEW* Milk chocolate musket flikken.

2.25 200g

Verkade ChocolateVerkade Chocolate *NOW FAIRTRADE* The 'official' Dutch chocolate brand. If you want to have the full Dutch experience, get a couple of these bars!
bar 1.99 75g
Choose Flavor:

Koetjesreep Koetjesreep Every Dutch person knows this chocolate, and it's now in great danger of being discontinued! If you want to help save the Koetjesreep, then click the link!

8-pack 2,25 175g

Merci ChocolateMerci Chocolate Merci Chocolate is a perfect gift for everyone. Each box contains various little bars of chocolate, filled with fillings like almond, hazelnut crunch, marzipan, cappucino and much more. Available in a selection of milk, dark or a combination of both.

3,99 250g

Choose Flavor:

Large Merci GiftboxLarge Merci Gift Box If you want to give a little more, this huge box will do the trick. Only available in milk chocolate.

9,99 400g

Merci CrocantMerci Crocant These are absolutely amazing! Hazelnut crocant dipped in Merci chocolate, very addictive!

2.99 200g

RaffaelloRaffaello Lovely white candy, filled with coconut and cream and a whole almond. This product does not contain any chocolate.

3,99 150g

Ferrero Rocher 16 piecesFerrero Rocher 16 Pieces Rocher is well known for this variety; nuts in a supreme nougat creme, covered with crispy waffels and dipped in milk chocolate. Comes in a plastic gift box.

pack 3.99 250g

Ferrero Rocher 24 piecesFerrero Rocher 24 Pieces Don't think that 16 pieces will get you through the holidays? Then get the larger box with 24 pieces..or maybe 2?

7.50 500g

Ferrero Rocher Mixed GiftsetFerrero Rocher Mixed Giftset Want to try all of Ferrero's specialities? Then try this deluxe giftbox, it contains Ferrero, Raffaello and Mon Cheri.

10,99 500g

Mon CheriMon Cheri Dark chocolates filled with a whole cherry and special liquor.

4,25 160g

Droste ChocolateDroste Chocolate Droste is a Dutch company, who produce one of the best chocolates in the world. They are sold in 100g tubs, filled with lovely pastilles.

tub 2.99 100g
Choose Flavor:

Droste GiftboxDroste Gift Box Droste also offers gift boxes, perfect for gifts, or just for you. We recommend the Tulips box, because it is so typically Dutch; dark, white and milk shaped tulips!

box 7.99 200g
Choose Flavor:

Chocolate TruffelsChocolate Truffels Truffels aren't actually a Dutch speciality (they are Belgian), but they are so delicious, we decided to add them anyway. "A delicious lightly whipped truffle cream, covered in fine flakes of milk chocolate". Try them, enjoy them!

box 5.99 250g

Duc D'O BonbonsDuc D'O Bonbons An assortiment of 10 different chocolates (milk, white, dark) with various fillings.

box 6.75 250g

SeashellsSeashells Seashell shaped chocolates, filled with a praline cream.

box 6.75 250g

ToffifeeToffifee Toffifee.

box 2.99 250g

SmartiesSmarties *NEW* Smarties, 5 tubs.

bag 5x40g 3.29

AH Organic BonbonsAH Organic Bonbons *NEW* AH Organic Bonbons.

150g 7.99

Cote d'Or chocolatesCote d'Or 1883 chocolate Cote d'Or chocolate, available in various variaties.

2.99 2x75g
Choose Flavor:

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