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Conimex Asian Mixes

Asian, Indian and Indonesian dishes are getting more and more popular worldwide. Here in the Netherlands Conimex produces a large collection of products that will give the dishes that distinct flavor. If you have a recipe that requires fresh ingredients, such as Djintan or Djahe , you can easily replace that with the same amount of the powdered version, it gives the same taste and effect, but it's easier to use and easier to find. Some of the products that we offer are vegetarian or vegan. We will mark all the products in the future, so it's easy to see whether you can use the product or not. We will keep expanding our collection, as there are so many products that can be used for these dishes.

Conimex WoksauceConimex Woksaus

Various sauces to be used for stir frying.

3.25 175ml
Choose flavor:

Conimex WokmarinadeConimex Wokmarinade *NEW*

With this easy-to-use marinade in a tube, you can quickly marinade meat or fish. Gives a fresh and sweet taste to your dishes.

3.45 200g

Conimex Ve TsinConimex Ve Tsin

Ve Tsin is used in many dishes to enhance the flavor of herbs that are used.

2.25 35g

Conimex DjintanConimex Djintan

Djintan is the grinded form of 1 year old cumin seeds. It has a fresh scent, the taste is not overpowering and is used in many Indian and Indonesian dishes.

2.25 35g

Conimex DjaheConimex Djahe

Ground ginger root. Is used in many Asian dishes, very easy to use.

2.25 35g

Conimex LaosConimex Laos

Laos is made from the roots of the Galangaplant, is used in Indonesian dishes, very distinct lemon flavor.

2.25 35g

Conimex KetoembarConimex Ketoembar

Ketoembar is made from dried and grinded Coriander seeds. It has a mild taste, normally 1 part Djintan to 2 parts Ketoembar is used.

2.25 35g

Conimex Sereh PowderConimex Sereh Powder

Sereh is basically Lemongrass, used mostly in Thai dishes.

2.25 35g

Conimex Bahmi MixConimex Bahmi Mix

A mix to make your own Bahmi, very easy to use. See the recipe for Nasi, but add 'mie' or noodles instead of rice. (see bottom of this page)

3.25 75g

Conimex Nasi MixConimex Nasi Mix

A mix to make your own Nasi, very easy to use. Recipe: Boil rice, add 'groentemix' (vegetable mix) to 100ml hot water, and leave it for min. 10 minutes. Stirfry the meat of your choice, add onions and other vegetables you like. Finally add the vegetable mix. If you want, you can add a scrambled egg, fry until done. Add rice and the 'kruidenmix' (herb mix) to the pan, stir gently.

3.25 75g

Conimex Fried OnionsConimex Fried Onions

Fried onions to enhance the taste of your dish. Add them just before serving.

2.99 100g

Conimex Ginger SyrupConimex Ginger Syrup

Gives a sweet taste to dishes, and is a good alternative for fresh ginger.

3.25 175g

Conimex Mango ChutneyConimex Mango Chutney

Mango Chutney is a sweet/sour side dish, made from mango, ginger and chilipepper.

3.25 200g

Conimex SeroendengConimex Seroendeng

Seroendeng is a mixture of grilled cocos, peanuts and various herbs.

2.99 100g

Conimex KoenjitConimex Koenjit

Grinded Kurkuma.

2.99 45g

Conimex Atjar TaugeConimex Atjar Tauge

Atjar is Indonesian for 'sweet and sour vegetables.'

2.99 350g

Conimex Atjar TampoerConimex Atjar Tampoer

Atjar is Indonesian for 'sweet and sour vegetables.'

2.99 350g

Conimex Kroepoek CassaveConimex Kroepoek

Kroepoek is the original Asian snack, that is used along with the main course, or as an in between snack. Goes very well with Ketjap sauce. Made from fresh shrimps and tapioca flour.

2.99 60g
Choose flavor:

Conimex MieConimex Mie

Conimex Mie (noodles)

2.99 100g
Choose flavor:

Conimex Ketjap ManisConimex Ketjap

Ketjap Manis and Asin are sweet Ketjaps, made from soy sauce and various other ingredients.

2.99 250g
Choose flavor:

Conimex Tikka Massala MixConimex Tikka Massala Mix

Mild Indian Curry mix.

2.99 100g

Conimex Korma MixConimex Korma Mix

Mild Indian Curry mix.

2.99 100g

Conimex BoemboeConimex Boemboe *NEW*

Boemboes are liquid herb-and-spice mixes, which are used in Indonesia for various dishes. You can eat the dishes individually as a main course, or combine various Boemboes for a traditional Indonesian meal. English instructions are included, but these are very easy to use, as you only have to add water and vegetables or meat/chicken.

2.99 100g
Choose flavor:

Conimex Maaltijd MixConimex Complete Meal Mixes *NEW*

These packs include all the herbs and spices you need for an authentic dish. All you have to add are vegetables and/or meat. Instructions are included.

3.99 200g
Choose flavor:

Conimex Green CurryConimex Curries *NEW*

A delicious and easy-to-use curry paste. Instructions are included.

2.99 100g
Choose flavor:

Sate SauceCalve Sate Sauce

Sate Sauce is basically a peanut sauce, which has to be heated, and can be used with meat. If you want to experience the Dutch way of eating french fries, add mayonaise (real one) and sate sauce, it's called 'patatje oorlog'. Instructions: To 1 part sauce, add at least 1 part water or milk. Let it boil for approx. 2 minutes. If you want, you can add more water to create a smooth sauce.

3.75 400g

Conimex Sate Sauce
2.99 75g
Choose flavor:

Sambal OelekConimex Sambal*NEW*

Sambal is made from fresh chilipeppers. Gives a great flavor to Indonesian dishes, as well as many others.

2.99 100g
Choose flavor:

Conimex TrassieConimex Trassie *NEW*

Conimex Trassie is a shrimp paste with a very strong flavor. You can use a small amount of this when you fry your onions and spices.

2.99 25g

Conimex Sate Marinademix Conimex Sate Marinademix *NEW*

This marinade mix allows you to marinate all kinds of meat (including fish and poultry) quickly.

2.99 38g

Conimex Pindasaus mix Conimex Pinda Sate Sauce mix *NEW*

This mix allows you to easily prepare peanut sate sauce (you only have to add water).

2.99 68g

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