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Typical Dutch Stuff Contest

Each month, you can win a 20.00 gift certificate! What you have to do in order to win this certificate is pretty simple: by sending us your most beautiful, funny, delicious photograph which features your favorite Dutch product, or anything else that relates to the Dutch culture.

Typical Dutch Stuff Gift Certificate

The photographs need to be shot by you, and it may of course also feature yourself or your family/friends (with their permission of course).

Out of all the photographs we receive, we will place a selection on the site.

What you need to do:

1. Photos must features a Dutch product or something that relates to the Dutch culture. We prefer photos with a person and a product/Dutch culture aspect in it!
2. Make sure the image is less than 2mb in size and in .jpg format
3. Email it to info@typicaldutchstuff.com with the subject "Gift Certificate Contest." Make sure to include your (first) name and your country. We will ask only the winner for his or hers address information.
4. Please include a brief caption with each photo.
5. There is no limit as to the number of photos you may submit; however, you can only win once.
6. Please do not add any text, dates, logos, or decorative borders/elements to the photos.
7. We have decided to extend the deadline for the contest: you can now submit photos for an unlimited period of time, as we will pick the best photos the end of every quarter!

Good Luck!

A selection of the entries we've received:

Contest Entry
Lennie is enjoying Dutch Duo Penotti chocolate paste on an Argentinian galletitas saladas (a type of cracker).

Contest Entry
Margie from the US took this shot in Amsterdam, while on a skating (in-line) tour of the northern part of the Netherlands during the summer of 1999.

Contest Entry
Gert-Jan has opened up his own pancake restaurant last year in Woolacombe North Devon. The bar has been a huge success!

Contest Entry
Jacob's girlfriend Mina, who is from Japan, visited his hometown of IJmuiden and there they spotted Nijntje on the beach. It helps little children to find their way back when the beach is crowded in the summer.

Contest Entry
Joy's piece of Nederland in Somerset; her own hand-made kitchen curtain and pottenrek.

Contest Entry
Annemarie from China teaches her friend to eat herring the proper way.

Contest Entry
March is the perfect month for bike riding!

Contest Entry
A piece of Joy's kitchen curtain material with some of her favourite sweets "drop" in the middle.

Contest Entry
Martine from the US snapped this picture of the sun setting over a beautiful Amsterdam canal.

Contest Entry
This photo of Luuk was taken at a 'Sinterklaas' party in Belfast, Northern Ireland last December - he would have been around 6 months old. He is in a struggle with the beard of Sinterklaas!

Contest Entry
This picture was taken in Amsterdam during the summer of 2004 by Larry.

Contest Entry
Luuk showing off his own hand made 'Zwarte Piet' hat at the 'Sinterklaas' party in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Contest Entry
Lisa and her Dutch husband offered Beschuit met Muisjes to their friends and visitors when their son Austin was born in January. Everyone who tried it thought it was delicious and wanted more.

Contest Entry
A typically Dutch flower stand.

Contest Entry
This photo was shot by a pub in Lincoln (UK).

Contest Entry
Emma and Anna during a visit...with the 1 and only...Ome Willem

Contest Entry
Hup, Holland, Hup!! Samantha in mama's oranje shirt, ready for the WK.

Contest Entry
Barbara from Slovenia in a typically Dutch clog.

Contest Entry
A father and his son are enjoying their first World Cup together.

Contest Entry
De Eendracht during a visit to Rotterdam (Volvo Race 2006).

Contest Entry
Levi enjoys Opa & Oma's tulips that they planted around their windmill that sits in their front yard.

Contest Entry
This is a photo taken of Ann's children Barry and Denise in New Zealand when they were small. It was for a fancy dress competition and they won first prize.

Contest Entry
Three generations of Dutch girls: featuring Ineke and Marijke!

Contest Entry
Wendy's daughter Charlene from Texas posed in front of their dairy herd just after her wedding.

Contest Entry
Roelof sent us a picture of his Chinese Stepdaughter (a fan of the Dutch football team).

Contest Entry
Terry took this photograph on a visit to Shepparton, Victoria in Australia.

Contest Entry
A daughter and her dad showing of their Oranje wear for the upcoming World Cup!

Contest Entry
Sarah goes crazy with her "zoute rijen!" She told us that she always takes a bag of them with her during boring film sessions at her University.

Dutch RV
Patrick decided to customize the license plate of his RV, so everybody instantly knows where he is from!

Dutch Book
Jacquie told us, "I love anything Dutch! I have been to Amsterdam, and absolutely fell in love with the food!, the lovely bicycle-lined canals, the language, the history, and the culture! This is a little vintage book I bought for my granddaughters, so I can pass that appreciation on to them."

Contest Entry
Shaana sent us a photograph of her Friesian horse: Jorrit 363

Contest Entry
Lluvy loves her Classic Anta Flu, because it works wonders on a sore throat!

Contest Entry
A photograph of Friesian Taai Taai in a regular supermarket in Sydney, Australia.
Taken by Fam. Staal, who are of Friesian origin.

Contest Entry
Jennifer received stroopwaffles for her birthday: it's her favorite Dutch treat.

Contest Entry
Shay also loves stroopwaffles and the one in this picture was her last one..

Contest Entry
Caroline's boys are watching Father Christmas go by. She searched high and low in the UK for a star to hang in the window. In the end she had to wait to get one in Holland.

Contest Entry
Petra's son, Oliver Martijn, born and bred in Britain, is enjoying a typically Dutch holiday day with his Oma & Opa in Friesland. After this picture was taken, they went home for a boterham met hagelslag.

Contest Entry
Jackie's Grandson, Joshua, proudly wearing his new 'Holland' shirt, made for him by his aunty. They always have a Dutch style New Year's Day with all the family gathering at their place. This year they had their hottest ever New Year's Day in Sydney, Australia, but that didn't slow down the intake of Oliebollen!

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