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Dutch Cookies and Biscuits

AH appelkoekVerkade Chocogolven *NEW* Crunchy biscuits covered in Verkade Milk chocolate.

5-pack €2.99 175g

AH appelkoekVerkade Chocogolven Milk & White *NEW* Crunchy biscuits covered in Verkade milk and white chocolate.

5-pack €2.99 175g

AH appelkoekAH Appelkoek *NEW* Apple filled cookies.

5-pack €2.99 175g

Bolletje Nogal lange koekjes hazelnootBolletje Nogal Lange Koekjes Hazelnoot *NEW* Chocolate and hazelnut cookies.

pack €2.99 175g

Bolletje Nogal lange koekjes Milk Chocolate Bolletje Nogal Lange Koekjes Milk Chocolate *NEW* Chocolate cookies.

pack €2.99 175g

Bolletje Allerkruidigste speculaaskoekBolletje Allerkruidigste Speculaaskoek *NEW* Spicy speculaas.

pack €2.99 250g

Bolletje Allerluchtigste brosse koekBolletje Allerluchtigste brosse koek *NEW* Deliciously light cookies.

pack €2.99 250g

Bolletje Chips bij de koffieBolletje Chips bij de koffie *NEW* Chocolate covered cookies.

tub €2.99 250g

Verkade Theemix RooibosVerkade Theemix *NEW* You know how we all like to dip our biscuits in our tea? Now there are cookies that actually taste like tea! So even when there's no tea around, you can still enjoy the taste of rooibos tea or green tea

pack €2,99 240g

Choose Flavor:

Verkade Fijnproevers toffee crunchVerkade Fijnproevers Toffee Crunch *NEW* Toffee crunch.

pack €2.99 150g

Verkade Fijnproevers Choco ViennaVerkade Fijnproevers Choco Vienna *NEW* Choco Vienna.

pack €2.99 150g

Verkade Dier & Co Lange nekkenVerkade Dier & Co Lange Nekken *NEW* Milk chocolate & crunchy sticks.

pack €2.99 150g

Verkade DigestiveVerkade Digestive *NEW* Tea biscuits (British style).

pack €2.99 400g

Verkade KnappertjesVerkade Knappertjes *NEW* Small, crunchy biscuits. Very addictive!

pack €2.99 220g

Verkade Maria BiscuitsVerkade Maria Biscuits *NEW* The well-known round biscuit; crunchy and light.

pack €2.99 220g

Verkade Nizza BiscuitsVerkade Nizza Biscuits *NEW* Coconut biscuit covered in sugar.

pack €2.99 220g

Verkade San Francisco BiscuitsVerkade San Francisco Biscuits *NEW* San Francisco biscuits. Available in 2 variaties.

pack €2.99 220g

Choose Flavor:

Verkade GraanduosVerkade Graanduos *NEW* Verkade Graanduos: wholeweat cookies with a chocolate or vanilla layer in between.

pack €2.99 220g

Choose Flavor:

Lange VingersLange Vingers *NEW* Lange vingers, covered with sugar.

pack €2,25 175g

Glace KoekenLotus Glacι Originals *NEW* Lovely cookies, covered with pink icing. Very Popular!

pack €2,99 200g

Duo Penotti DippiDuo Penotti Dippi As recommended by one of our customers. Four individually wrapped packs, filled with breadsticks and a lovely Duo Penotti chocolate paste, which consists of white and plain chocolate. Great for kids... who are we kidding, we love them as well!

4 pack €2,45 140g

BitterkoekjesBitterkoekjes *NEW* Delicious Bitterkoekjes. They taste like Amaretto, but do not contain any alcohol!

pack €2,99 250g

Speculaas BrokkenSpeculaas Brokken Haven't tried Speculaas yet? Just buy one, you will not regret it! This is a large 'cookie', the idea behind is that you share it with your friends. It has a rich, spicy flavor, and is really crunchy. A best seller for sure!

3 pack €2,99 250g

Gevulde SpeculaasGevulde Speculaas *SEASONAL PRODUCT* Another favorite of ours; the filled speculaas. It's really soft, spicy dough, filled with a lovely almond paste, and topped of with real almonds! This is mostly eaten around 'Sinterklaas', a typically Dutch holiday, like Christmas. Only available in Nov-Dec.

pack €2,99 240g

SpeculaasSpeculaas This is the 'old fashioned' speculaas, it has a lovely rich flavor, perfect to enjoy with your tea of coffee, or on a sandwich!

pack €2,99 400g

SpeculaasSmoeltjes Mini Speculaas Individually wrapped bags containing small speculaas.

pack €2,75 240g

MergpijpjesMergpijpjes *NEW* A light cake, covered with a cream layer, marzipan and chocolate

5 pack €2.99 250g

Verkade Cafe NoirVerkade Cafe Noir Delicious biscuits covered with a thin, crunchy layer of coffee flavored icing. Great for enjoying with your tea or coffee.

pack €2.59 200g

Verkade SpritsVerkade Sprits This is a typically Dutch cookie; bross, made with butter. Lovely with a cup of tea. Available in 3 variaties.

pack €2.59 200g
Choose Flavor:

Verkade Sultana Fruit FunVerkade Sultana Fruit Fun *NEW* Sultana strawberry and yoghurt.

10-pack €2.99 200g

Verkade Sultana Fruit & FormVerkade Fruit & Form *NEW* New Sultana Fruit & Form in two delicious flavors. Only 1% fat.

pack €3.25 219g
Choose Flavor:

Verkade SultanaVerkade Sultana A delicious, nutritious snack, filled with curants and raisins. The package contains 5 individually wrapped packages of 3 cookies each, so very convenient when you want to take them to work or school

pack €2.99 219g
Choose Flavor:

Verkade Sultana HartigVerkade Sultana Hartig *NEW* New Sultana Hartig, in three flavors: Cheese/Tomato, Mexican Herbs, and Italian Herbs. (We love the Italian Herbs!)

pack €3.25 219g
Choose Flavor:

Verkade SultanaVerkade Yo Fruit Sultana Sultana with a layer of yoghurt.

pack €3,25 219g
Choose Flavor:

Verkade SultanaVerkade Fruitstart Sultana A soft bar, filled with forest fruits or apple. Ideal for those who don't like breakfast.

pack €3,25 219g
Choose Flavor:

Gevulde Kano'sGevulde Kano's (almond pastries) A soft cookie, filled with delicious almond paste, topped of with real almonds.

pack €2,25 275g

KrakelingenKrakelingen (puff pastry) A lovely puff pastry, shaped like a pretzil, topped of with a sugar coating.

pack €2,25 150g

Gevulde KoekenGevulde Koeken (filled with almond paste) A soft cookie filled with almond paste, 8 cookies in a pack.

pack €2,50 300g

Kokos KransenKokos Kransen (grated coconut) An all-time favorite, at least, if you like coconut. This is a soft coconut cookie, and the bottom is covered with paper which you can actually eat.

pack €2,50 240g

BastogneBastogne Bastogne cookies are hard to describe, they are made with brown sugar, are fairly hard, and delicious.

pack €2,99 250g

BastogneBastogne Duo *NEW* Bastogne cookies with almond flavor.

pack €2,99 250g

JodekoekenJodekoeken Lovely cookies to be enjoyed with a cup of tea or coffee.

pack €2,99 325g

BokkepootjesBokkepootjes Don't let the appearance of this cookie fool you. It might not look so nice, but the taste is just so good. It's a soft, chrunchy cookie, filled with cream, and both ends dipped in chocolate.

pack €2,25 150g

Peanut CookiesPeanut Cookies Lovely biscuits, topped with real peanuts.

pack €2,25 200g

Verkade Frou FrouVerkade Frou Frous Lovely small, thin and crispy waffles, filled with delicious vanilla cream.

pack €2,50 150g

Verkade Cinnamon LangetjesVerkade Cinnamon Langetjes These Cinnamon biscuits are perfect if you're drinking your afternoon tea, they are crispy, and topped of with a thick cinnamon/sugar layer. Try dippin 'm in your tea!

pack €2,50 120g

Verkade Mokka SticksVerkade Mokka Sticks If you like your mocca, then you will like these for sure. Crispy sticks, topped of with coffee icing and filled with a lovely, rich mocca cream.

pack €2,99 150g

KletskoppenKletskoppen Kletskoppen are really thin biscuits, the taste is very similar to caramel.

pack €2,25 175g

Tuc CookiesTuc Cookies These are 'snack cookies', you could eat them together with your peanuts or your crisps, with a glass of whatever you want. They are quite light and bross.

pack €2,50 250g

Choose Flavor:

Sugar WaffelsSugar Waffles Lovely thick waffels filled with crunchy sugar chunks. There are 10 waffels in a package, and all wrapped individually. A must have tried product!

pack €3,99 400g

EggwaffelsFresh Egg Waffles Fresh eggwaffels, (12 of them) enjoy them toasted, or not, with powdered sugar, strawberries, melted chocolate..you name it!

pack €2,99 250g

Lu PimsLU Pim's Chocolate covered cookies with orange filling.

pack €2,99 150g

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