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Below are some frequently asked questions about our services. If you have a question that isn't answered below, please feel free to email us.

Please Note: Because international shipments require customs forms, we are required by law to correctly identify the contents and value of your package. Typical Dutch Stuff is not responsible for any shipment delays or Import/VAT taxes that may be imposed.

Q: How can I contact you?
A: The easiest way to contact us is through email: info@typicaldutchstuff.com.

Q: I am located in the U.S., may I still order Rookworst and Chocomel?
A: No, because unfortunately we have noticed that U.S. customs confiscates these products (meat and dairy) if they check the package. They always randomly check packages, so sometimes nothing happens, but this is a risk we do not want to take anymore.

We only ship these products if you want to take the risk that the products will be confiscated and that no refunds will be issued for these products. You will need to sign a liability form.

Q: Do you ship to APO/FPO addresses?
A: Yes, we ship to APO/FPO adresses! However, we cannot garantuee the same delivery times, since the delivery time to APO addresses vary and it is out of our control. Sometimes it takes a very long time. Priority Mail estimates consider the time from ship point to military post office only. It may take longer to reach you depending upon your location. The military handles the delivery once the packages arrive at the designated AA, AE or AP address, and from that point the delivery is subject to the military delivery schedules.

Q: How can I check if my order has been shipped?
A: Our policy is that we email our customers once we have shipped their order. If you haven't received an email 10 days after you've received your confirmation email, feel free to email Customer Services and we can confirm this for you. We will email you on the day your order has been shipped, and we will include a copy of the receipt.

Q: Why is your site in English and not in Dutch?
A: This is a choice we made and we stick with our choice, because a large percentage of our customers do not understand Dutch and we focus on the international market, therefore we decided to use a language that most individuals understand. However, you can watch Dutch commercials on our site and you can always email or call us in Dutch! smile

Q: What are the shipping costs for my order?
A: If you add products to your cart, you can select the appropriate shipping zone, and click the 'recalculate' button. It will show the exact costs of your order. For an overview of shipping costs and shipping zones, please see Payment & Shipping.

Q: Do you have a phone number which I can call?
A: We are currently in the process of moving, so our telephone (land line) is not yet available. Once it is (we expect this to happen around the end of June, 2008) we will list the number here.

Q: Do I have to create an account to be able to order from your website?
A: No, you do not have to sign up, because we feel shopping online should be made as easy as possible, without having to sign up for anything. All the data that you provide when you pay stays confidential and fraud is nearly impossible, because everything is checked by our creditcard processor. In the near future, we will install SSL on every page that asks for personal details.

Q: Do you Gift Wrap?
A: Yes, we provide a gift-wrap service for a fee of €2.75, if you would like to use this service please look under the link 'gift wrapping' in the menu, and add it to your shopping cart. All the information you need is on this page.

Q: Do all the prices include sales tax?
A: No, all prices exclude sales tax.

Q: It's been a while, and my order hasn't arrived. What should I do?
A: Please allow a maximum of 30 days for Priority orders to arrive and a maximum of 90 days for Standard or Economy orders. We always send out an email stating your order has been shipped, that is the day you should use, not the day on which you placed your order. Any delivery period stated is approximate, because shipments are not in our control. After enough time has elapsed (see above), you can contact us and advise us of the details.

If you received a tracking number (only with orders in the EU) please check the status of your order, it could be possible it has been mis-sorted, and it could be on it's way.

If this isn't the case, we will start an investigation about the delay or non-delivery of the package through the Dutch Postal Service in co-operation with the Postal Service in the country of destination. In general, such an investigation will take at least 3 months. It is crucial to start this investigation within 6 months after the shipment of the missing package, otherwise getting a compensation for the loss will not be possible. Compensation is not paid in every case, there are many exceptions. Not every country pays compensation, but most European countries do.

We will keep you informed of the process. We will send you a copy of the results through email. No refunds will be made, all sales are final, as mentioned in our terms and conditions, which you should read and accept before placing an order.

Q: How do you pack orders?
A: For large orders, we use cardboard boxes, which we fill with padded wrapping and/or shredded paper. For small and/or flat products, we use padded envelops. We also use recycled packing material, because we strongly value the forests on this planet.

Q: I've put something in my cart that weighs 1300g, but I have to pay more for shipping?
A: We have had lots of problems with this in the past; the total weight of some orders didn't match with the real weight, because we did not calculate the weight of packing material, and we ended up paying extra for them.

Q: I'm from the US, can I still place an order at Typical Dutch Stuff?
A: Yes, if you live in the US, or any other country, you can place your order through the website. Just make sure you select the right zone at the payment screen.

Q: Does Typical Dutch Stuff have a printed catalogue?
A: No, Typical Dutch Stuff is exclusively an online retailer, but a catalogue in .pdf format will soon be available.

Q: I've received an email, which says that my order has been dispatched. When can I expect it?
A: Once your order has been dispatched, it takes about 1 day for it to arrive at the postoffice. It then takes about 4-8 days (Priority Shipping), 8-30 days (Standard Shipping), or up to 10 weeks (Economy Shipping) for your order to arrive, depending on your location. However, we can't garantuee this delivery time, because once dispatched, the package is out of our hands.

Q: Can I get a product special ordered?
A: We like to offer our customers the best service possible by providing a large selection of products. Our merchandising team will be happy to try and obtain a product you have been searching for. Please email us with your suggestions or requests at Customer Services.

Q: I'm on a special diet (e.a sugarfree, no gluten, no lactose, no gelatine). Do you stock any products I can eat?
A: One of our major suppliers specialises in these kind of products. There are various pre-packed sugarfree products available, and a large assortiment of other special diet candy. This candy will be handled with care, so it will be safe to eat. If you want a full list of available diet candy, please email Customer Services.

Q: I do not have a Credit card and I would like to order from Typical Dutch Stuff?
A: No problem, you can sign up at Paypal.com, and that will allow you to transfer money from your bankaccount into your Paypal account, and then you will be able to place and pay for your order. You can also choose to use a Bank Transfer to pay for your order. This does cause a slight delay in processing your order, because we can not check if you have actually paid your order, so we won't process it, until your payment is in our bankaccount. This can take up to a week, but if you do not want to enter credit card information online, this is the best option. After you placed your order, you will receive a confirmation email, and an additional email, with all the information you need to complete the bank transfer.

Q: Can I exchange or return products?
A: Because we mainly sell perishable goods, we do not offer refunds and we do not exchange products, all sales are final.

Q: How can I pay my order?
A: We accept creditcard payments through PayPal and normal PayPal transactions. In order to pay you DO NOT have to sign up with PayPal. You can also use a bank transfer to transfer the money.

Q: Why can't I pay with snailmail, cheques or normal creditcard transactions?
A: The answer to this is very simple; snailmail and cheques won't work for us, since we are located in the Netherlands, and it takes ages for your payment to be made, and that's not making anybody happy. As for the creditcards; we are busy setting up another payment system, but this is very expensive.

Q: I run an (online) magazine or website and I would like to review one of your products for an article. Do you send out samples?
A: Yes, we do send out samples or products to test. For more information you can email Customer Services.

Q: I have my own TNT, Fedex, or UPS International Business Account, could I arrange a collection for my order?
A: Yes, this is possible. Please email Customer Services before you place your order, as you will not have to pay our shipping costs.

Q: I've received my Senseo Coffeemaker or Bosch Gustino, but it doesn't work. What should I do?
A: The Senseo Coffeemaker and the Bosch Gustino have a one year warranty, so if it breaks, you can send it back to us, and we'll make sure it will be repaired, or if it cannot be repaired, you will get a new one. Please email Customer Services, and provide information about the defect. We will handle it from there. Shipping costs to send it back to us are paid by the customer, and we will ship it once it has been repaired or replaced, those costs are paid by us.

Q: We produce various products, like lipbalms and soaps. Are you willing to add our products to your assortiment?
A: Yes. We love to add new products, in fact, we are planning to add a giftsection to the website, which will hold various gift ideas, like lipbalms, lotions and so on. These will not be typically Dutch, because we want a selection of worldwide products. Giftwrapping will be free for these products. For more information, you can email Customer Services.

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