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Our Gift Baskets

"We were very impressed with basket contents and amazed at how full it was, the gift was for a family two adults a 12 year old and a 9 year old and we felt the contents appealed to all."

"We were delighted with its generous contents (which will last us a long time!) as well as the basket itself, which is lovely and very practical; a lasting memory of the gift."

We are delighted we are able to offer you Gift Baskets. We take much effort to make each gift basket an unique and personal gift. We will put all our effort in creating a beautifully looking basket. We like to work with all kinds of materials.

All baskets are giftwrapped and come with a special card, for which you can specify the message in the message field at the payment screen. Your message will be handwritten on the card!

Please note: you can let us know if you need the gift to arrive before a certain date!

The baskets itself and the products may vary upon availability. Also, different products will be added throughout the various seasons.

Typical Dutch Stuff Gift BasketKleine Kadootjes Gestures do not always have to be big: it is the idea and love behind it that matters! Therefore, we offer our 'Kleine Kadootjes'; they make the perfect little Dutch present for every occasion. All 'Kleine Kadootjes' will be gift-wrapped in a small basket. Available in various themes.

Choose Theme:

Typical Dutch Stuff Gift BasketTypical Dutch Stuff in a Basket We named this basket after our company, because we feel that this one is a perfect introduction to what we have to offer! The basket will contain products like, stroopwaffels, licorice, tea, coffee, biscuits, candy, and chocomel. We add a special gift to our large basket and it will include a whole array of delicious products since it weighs over 10Kg!

Large 79.99

Small 44.99

Begin Your Day Gift BasketBegin-Your-Day Basket Give that someone special a typically Dutch breakfast in a basket; we will include all the popular and most common breakfast products in this basket. Beginning your day has never been as Dutch as now! We will also add a gift that will make this basket even more special.

basket 54.99

BIY (Bake It Yourself)BIY (Bake It Yourself) Bake it yourself products are an absolute must! This basket will include all sorts of bake it yourself products from our selection, useful baking tools, and a special gift that will range from a dishtowel to an apron.

basket 49.99

Mom's BasketMom's Basket Your mother will love the contents of this beautiful basket. The basket (as always) is a unique gift in itself; once empty it can be used for storage purposes, or for whatever you want! This particular basket contains lovely products which will be a real treat for your mother. For the scents: various scented candles and potpourri. For the taste: chocolate truffles, Merci gift box, various other chocolates, stroopwaffels, licorice, tea, coffee and more. We will also add a special gift, which your mother will surely like! Surprise your mom on Mother's Day or any other day with this unique gift. You can include a message, which will be handwritten on a card! (If your mom can read Dutch, then please let us know, so we can include various magazines!)
basket 79.99

Baby Gift BasketBaby's First Basket The perfect baby gift, filled with all sorts of products to welcome a new born into this world! Includes: several Zwitsal products, other special baby products, aniseed Muisjes (pink or blue, please specify at message field), scented candles for the new mom, a gorgeous towel, a special baby gift and a cute stuffed animal, which is baby safe! In the message field at the payment screen you can include a personal message, which will be handwritten on a card, and you can specify which colors you want us to use (Blue, Pink, or Neutral).

basket 54.99

Licorice Gift BasketBlack as Licorice Basket A basket for the true lover of Dutch licorice! Includes a total of 20 different bags of licorice (approx 5000 grams!). A small surprise will be added.

basket 49.99

Typical Dutch Stuff Gift Basket Candy Craving Crave for some typically Dutch Candy? This basket will contain a full range of different candy products and a special surprise will be added!

basket 49.99

Typically Dutch Cookie SurpriseTypically Dutch Cookie Surprise Love those stroopwaffles? This basket will include a variety of stroopwaffles and many other typical Dutch cookies. A small gift will be added for that special touch!

basket 49.99

Milka Gift BasketChocoholic Delight This basket will be a true delight for every chocoholic out there. You can choose for a themed basket (Milka, Rittersport, Verkade) or go for a mixed one which will include all sorts of chocolates. A small gift will be added.

basket 69.99

TeatimeTeatime Who does not like their teatime? Surprise that special someone with the ultimate tea gift! This basket includes a variety of teas, from fruity flavored to deliciously spiced. A lovely treat and a special gift will be added. In the possession of a Senseo?! Let us know through the message field at the payment screen, this way we can add some teas especially designed for the Senseo.

basket 54.99

CoffeeliciousCoffeelicious Know someone who cannot live without their daily cup of coffee? This basket will be the perfect solution! It will contain everything one needs for a delicious cup of coffee like, different flavors of coffee, syrup, cookies, a surprise gift and more. Specify if you want a Regular basket or a Senseo Coffee orientated basket.

Regular 54.99

Senseo 59.99

Conimex Conimex Basket With our Conimex basket it is very easy to prepare your own 'Dutch style' Asian food. The basket contains the essentials, such as Ketjap, Sambal, Kroepoek, and Atjar Tjampoer, as well as a large selection of spices, boemboes, oils, sauces, and more.

basket 59.99

For Senseo Gifts, please look here.

Want to create your own giftbasket? Please feel free to use the form below to specify how you want it! Be as specific as possible when it comes to the products you want in it, so we can give you a (unconditional) quote!

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