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Dutch licorice

salt licorice

Hema Old Dutch LicoriceHema Old Dutch Licorice *OUT OF STOCK*

Hema Old Dutch Licorice in a gift tin. Available in sweet and salt. Limited Stock.

6.99 300g
Choose Flavor:

Autdodrop Parkeerwacht ZwartjesAH Sugar Coated Licorice *NEW*

AH Sugar Coated Licorice , mixed.

2.99 450g

AH HeksendropAH Heksendrop Salt *NEW*

AH Heksendrop Salt .

2.99 200g

Autdodrop Parkeerwacht ZwartjesAutodrop Parkeerwacht Zwartjes *NEW*

Salmiak licorice.

2.99 200g

Autdodrop Minister De ZwarteAutodrop Minister De Zwarte *NEW*

Mild salt licorice.

2.99 200g

LakrisalLakrisal Salmiak *NEW*

Salmiak pastilles, 3 rolls.

2.79 100g

LakrisalMentos Licorice *NEW*

Mentos licorice, 4 rolls.

2.99 100g

Venco Drop MixVenco Drop Mix (sorted licorice) Don't know what licorice you prefer? Then get this box, it's filled with all sorts of different licorice, come on, you know you want to!

pack 3,99 450g
Choose Flavor:

Venco DroppepersVenco Droppeppers Salty Shakers *DISCONTINUED*

If you like salty licorice, you will love this!

bag 2.99 200g

Coin LicoriceMunt Drop (coin licorice) Hard coin shaped licorice.

bag 11,50 1000g (or 5x 220g bags)
Choose Flavor:

bag 2,99 250g
Choose Flavor:

Double Salted LicoriceDubbel Zoute Drop (double salted) For the lovers; double salted hard licorice!

bag 11,50 1000g

Venco Boerderij DropBoerderij Drop Boerderij drop; salty licorice.

bag 2,99 250g

Venco JubesVenco Jubes *NEW* Soft and salty licorice.

bag 2,99 250g

Venco Salmiak Rondo'sVenco Salmiak Rondos *NEW* Salty licorice.

bag 2,99 250g

Venco Zwart WitjesVenco Zwartwitjes *NEW* Salty licorice.

bag 2,99 250g

Fish shaped LicoriceDrop Vis (fish shaped) Soft, salt licorice, shaped like fish, with a coating of sugar.

bag 11,50 1000g

bag 2,99 250g

GriottenGriotten *NEW*

Griotten; licorice combined with salmiak and a sugar coating.

bag 11.50 1000g
bag 2.99 250g

TrekdropTrekdrop *NEW*

An old time favorite; Trekdrop.

bag 2.99 250g

Salmiak CoinsSalmiak Coins *NEW*

Coine shaped with a salmiak taste.

bag 11.50 1000g
bag 2.99 250g

Old Timers Mild Salt LicoriceOld Timers Mild Salt *NEW*

Square shaped licorice with a mild salty flavor.

box 3.75 2.99 250g

Autodrop DropdondersAutodrop Drop Donders *NEW* A mix with car shaped sweet, salt, honey and salmiak licorice.

box 3,25 300g

Autodrop Total LossAutodrop Total Loss *NEW* A mix with car shaped licorice and fruit gum.

box 3,25 300g

Autodrop Frutti ToetieAutodrop Frutti Toetie *OUT OF STOCK* A mix with car shaped winegums in various flavors.

box 3,25 300g

Autodrop Pittige PatsersAutodrop Pittige Patsers *OUT OF STOCK* A mix with red car shaped winegums in various flavors.

box 3,25 300g

Smilie faced LicoriceSmilie Faced Licorice *NEW*

Smilie faced licorice, slightly salted.

bag 11.50 1000g

DropkoppenDropkoppen *NEW*

Salmiak flavored 'dropkoppen' shaped like a dog.

bag 11.50 1000g
bag 3.25 250g

Klene WaterwerkenKlene Waterwerken *NEW*

Salt licorice the way it was meant to be, with sea salt.

bag 2.99 200g

Zwart Wit KogelsZwart Wit Kogels *NEW*

Delicious 'balls' filled with Salmiak.

bag 11.50 1000g
bag 3.25 350g
Venco TopdropVenco Topdrop Salt *NEW*

Venco Topdrop is very popular, each piece is individually wrapped, so it's easy to take along in the car or in your bag!

4 rolls 2.75 200g

Klene SpaarpotjesKlene Bankkluis *OUT OF STOCK*

Salt Licorice

bag 2.99 200g

Klene GoudklompKlene Goudklomp *OUT OF STOCK*

Soft and Salt Licorice

bag 2.99 200g

sweet licorice

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 Venco Droptwist zoethoutdropjes steranijs Venco Droptwist zoethoutdropjes steranijs *NEW*

Sweet licorice in a combination of licorice root and aniseed.

2.99 200g

Venco Droptwist honingdropje laurierVenco Droptwist honingdropje laurier *NEW*

Honey licorice with added laurier.

2.99 200g

Klene Suiker OompjesKlene Suiker Oompjes *OUT OF STOCK*

Klene Suiker Oompjes; soft, sweet licorice with a touch of cinnamon.

2.99 200g

Klene Drop MoppenKlene Dropmoppen *NEW*

Soft, sweet licorice covered in candy sprinkles: in banana, raspberry, and coconut.

2.99 200g

Klene Grof GeldKlene Grof Geld *NEW*

Klene Grof Geld; mixed licorice.

2.99 200g

Klene DropgumsKlene Dropgums *NEW*

Klene Dropgums. A mix of licorice and winegum.

2.99 200g

Klene KrokantjesKlene Krokantjes *NEW*

Klene Krokantjes. A combination of mint, licorice, and salmiak.

2.99 200g

AH HeksendropAH Heksendrop Sweet *NEW*

AH Heksendrop Sweet .

2.99 200g

AH HeksendropAH Dropgom *NEW*

AH Dropgom; winegums combined with licorice.

2.99 200g

Venco LightsVenco Light *OUT OF STOCK*

Venco Light contains 55% less sugar, so you'll still have the sugar in it, but a lot less of it.

bag 3.25 200g
Choose Flavor:

Autodrop Motoragent ZwartmansAutodrop Motoragent Zwartmans *NEW*

Soft, sweet licorice.

bag 2.99 200g

Venco DroppepersVenco Droppeppers Mood Swingers *DISCONTINUED*

This is really addictive; hard, sweet licorice.

bag 2.99 200g

Venco PiramidesVenco Piramides *NEW*

The latest addition in Venco licorice; soft, sweet licorice.

bag 2.99 200g

Honey LicoriceHoning Drop (honey licorice) This is our favorite sweet licorice; it's made with real honey, really lovely! Go on, try it!

bag 11,50 1000g

bag 2,99 250g

Venco DroptoefjesVenco Droptoefjes *NEW* Soft and sweet licorice.

bag 2,99 250g

English LicoriceEngelse Drop This is called 'English Licorice' and it's a sorted mix, with all kinds of licorice and other soft candy.

bag 11,50 1000g

bag 2,99 250g

Venco SchoolkrijtjesVenco Schoolkrijtjes (school crayon licorice) Licorice that looks like a crayon, how cool is that! You can actually eat it, just so you know.

bag 11,50 1000g
bag 2,99 250g

Katjes drop, LicoriceKatjes Drop (cat shaped) Cute little kittie shaped licorice, and it's sweet!

bag 11,50 1000g
bag 2.75 160g

Colour LicoriceKleur Drop Colored licorice, the coating is nothing more than sugar with a color.

bag 11,50 1000g

Black LicoriceBlack Licorice *NEW*

Black licorice is rather sweet and looks sticky.

bag 11.50 1000g

Old Timers Full Sweet Licorice, scheepsknopenOld Timers Full Sweet Scheepsknopen *NEW*

Scheepsknopen with a full sweet flavor

box 3.75 2.99 250g

Old Timers Spicy Sweet LicoriceOld Timers Spicy Sweet Licorice *NEW*

Spicy sweet licorice

box 3.75 2.99 250g

Old Timers Spicy Sweet LicoriceOld Timers Mint Licorice *NEW*

Minty licorice

box 3.75 2.99 250g

Moon Shaped LicoriceMoon Shaped Licorice *NEW*

Halve Maan licorice, sweet.

bag 11.50 1000g

ApekoppenApekoppen *NEW*

Monkey shaped licorice; combined with soft banana foam.

bag 11.50 1000g
bag 3.25 250g

KokindjesKokindjes *NEW*

An all time favorite, these are very sweet and soft.

bag 11.50 1000g
bag 2.99 250g

Klene SpaarpotjesKlene Spaarpotjes *NEW*

Sweet Licorice

bag 2.99 200g

Klene GelukzoekerKlene Gelukzoekers *OUT OF STOCK*

Honey Licorice

bag 2.99 200g

Klene OntdekkingsreizigerKlene Ontdekkingsreiziger *NEW*

Laurier Licorice

bag 2.99 200g

Klene BodemvondstKlene Bodemvondst *NEW*

The way original Dutch sweet licorice should taste.

bag 2.99 200g

Salmiak PowderSalmiak Poeder (licorice powder) *NEW*

A long time favorite, in sweet and salt.

6-pack 4.99 120g
Choose Flavor:

Haribo JojoHaribo Jojo's *NEW* Soft and sweet licorice.

bag 2,99 250g


Sugarfree LicoriceSugarfree Licorice Typically Dutch, and sugarfree! Available in sweet.

bag 13,50 1000g
Choose Flavor:
bag 2.99 250g
Choose Flavor:

Sugarfree Sweet Honey LicoriceSugarfree Sweet Honey *NEW*

Sugarfree sweet honey licorice.

bag 2.75 100g

Sugarfree Sweet Katjes LicoriceSugarfree Sweet Katjes *NEW*

Sugarfree sweet katjes licorice.

bag 2.75 100g

Sugarfree Sweet Coin LicoriceSugarfree Sweet Coins *NEW*

Sugarfree sweet coin licorice.

bag 2.75 100g

Klene ZonnetjesKlene Sugarfree Zonnetjes *NEW*

Sugarfree sweet licorice.

bag 2.75 125g

Klene VisjesKlene Sugarfree Visjes *NEW*

Sugarfree sweet and honey licorice.

bag 2.75 125g

Klene MuntdropKlene Sugarfree Muntdrop *NEW*

Sugarfree sweet licorice.

bag 2.75 125g

Klene OvaaltjesKlene Sugarfree Ovaaltjes *NEW*

Sugarfree salt licorice.

bag 2.75 125g

Dutch licorice requests

For information on special requests, please read this page. (popup window)

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