Earn Dutchies!

Save Dutchies, Earn Money - TypicalDutchStuff.com Customer Reward Program

You might have noticed the big yellow star with a number in it next to each product. We call this star a Dutchie and you will earn Dutchies for every product you buy, for every friend you refer, and for every review you write.

Typical Dutch Stuff Dutchies, Earn Rewards

How does this work?
You will earn 1 Dutchie for every you spend on TypicalDutchStuff.com, 5 Dutchies for every product review you write, and 25 Dutchies for every customer you refer to us, who succesfully places an order through our website! Every Dutchie is worth real money, so you can save up your Dutchies to redeem a pretty huge discount on your next order. You can also opt to save up Dutchies from several orders for a massive discount!

Where can I see how much Dutchies I have saved?
The total amount of Dutchies is visible in your account, under My Points and Redemptions.

For detailed information about our Dutchies Customer Reward program, please click here.


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