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Special Products

For Nijntje (Miffy) products, please scroll down.

TDS Magazines PackageTDS Magazines Package (Large) *NEW*

For a good Dutch read, we have composed a package of typically Dutch magazines, comic books, and a recipe book. Only 2 in stock, so order quickly.


TDS Magazines PackageTDS Magazines Package (Small) *NEW*

For a good Dutch read, we have composed a package of typically Dutch magazines, comic books, and a recipe book. Only 1 in stock, so order quickly.


Suske en WiskeSuske en Wiske Special Edition *NEW*

Suske en Wiske special Douwe Egberts edition: "de Kaartendans." Only 3 in stock.


NL StickerSilver NL Sticker *NEW*

Show of your connection to the Netherlands with this silver NL (car) sticker.


TDS Surprise PackageTDS Surprise Package *NEW*

Each month we have one of our Surprise Packages to offer at a very special price. We can't tell you what the contents of the package exactly are, because it will vary each month. So be quick and grab yourself a bargain!

12.50 (2 in stock)

SimsonSimson Bike Tire Repair Set *NEW*

The Simson repair tins are a common sight in the Netherlands. Founded 125 years ago, Simson remains the top dog when it comes to repairing tires. Almost every household has one of these tins, which are also great for storing nails, screws, and other small objects! A cult product!


Stroopwaffel Maker Stroopwaffel Plate Poffertjes Plate

Multi-Snack; Stroopwaffel and Poffertjes Maker

This is a great invention; with the Multi-Snack, you can make your own Poffertjes, Stroopwaffels, Belgian Waffels, Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Hamburgers, and Waffels! The machines makes use of removable plates.
  • Color: White
  • 1000 Watt
  • 2 pin plug system
  • 2 years garantuee
  • Includes 2 sets of plates (4 plates in total)

    Available in 2 variaties; one with sandwich and poffertjes plates or one with sandwich and Belgian Waffel plates.

    Special Introduction Offer: Includes Stroopwaffel Plates!

    Choose Edition:

    Dutch GourmetsetDutch Gourmetset *NEW*

    "Gourmetten" is a typically Dutch way of having a nice dinner with family and friends. Each person prepares his or her own meat and vegetables! "Gourmet" meat is always cut in smaller pieces, in order for it to fit in the small pans. You serve the meat on large trays, small bowls for the various vegetables, bread and garlick butter, various salads, and so on!

    Grillplate: 38x20 cm
    8 square pans
    RVS Gratineerplaat
    1250 W
    European plugs


    Monopoly Dutch EditionMonopoly Dutch Euro Edition *NEW*

    One of the world's most famous games is also available in Dutch: who will buy the "Leidsestraat" and the "Kalverstraat"? A must-have! This edition is completely in Euros instead of Guldens.


    Monopoly Dutch EditionMonopoly Dutch Deluxe Edition *OUT OF STOCK*

    A deluxe version of the Dutch Monopoly: currency is Euros and the hotels and houses are made out of wood.


    GanzenbordGanzenbord *NEW*



    Pim Pam PetPim Pam Pet *NEW*

    Pim Pam Pet.


    Mens Erger Je NietMens Erger Je Niet *NEW*

    Mens Erger Je Niet.


    Trivia NederlandTrivia Nederland *NEW*

    Trivia Nederland; with questions about the Netherlands in 6 categories, for 2-6 players.


    KoehandelKoehandel *NEW*



    Hello Holland Hello Holland DVD *OUT OF STOCK*

    Hello Holland is a video journey through the most beautiful cities, museums, attractions, and sights in the Netherlands. Learn about the water, the flowers, the cheese, the wooden shoes and the famous artists of our delightful country. Available in PAL and NTSC format. Spoken in 8 different languages: English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese, and Spanish.

    Choose Format:

    Pretpark Nederland Pretpark Nederland DVD *NEW*

    Pretpark Nederland is a documentary about the Netherlands and its culture. The Dutch do strange things in their spare time and this DVD sheds a light on these activities and locations. A very funny documentary; we really recommend it! In Dutch, DVD region 2.

    Nijntje/Miffy Products

    Nijntje PlaysetNijntje Playhouse *NEW*

    Cute Nijntje playhouse! Made from cotton.


    Mini Loco NijntjeMini Loco Nijntje *NEW*

    Mini Loco Nijntje.


    Nijntje KnuffeldoekNijntje Knuffeldoek *NEW*

    Nijntje Knuffeldoek.


    Nijntje Music BoxNijntje Music Box *NEW*

    Nijntje Music Box; luxurious silver-plated music box. 7.5cm x 6cm x 5cm


    Nijntje Box SpiraalNijntje Box Spiraal *NEW*

    Nijntje Box Spiraal.


    Nijntje Party SetNijntje Party Set *NEW*

    Nijntje Party Set; flags, partybags, guirlande, 6 balloons, invitations, 6 hats, 6 plates, and 6 cups.


    Nijntje Music KleedNijntje Muziekkleed *NEW*

    Nijntje Music rug; learn 8 songs!


    Nijntje TVNijntje TV *NEW*

    Nijntje TV


    Nijntje PlaysetNijntje Playset *NEW*

    Cute Nijntje playset! Only includes Baby Pluis toy figure.


    Nijntje PlaysetNijntje Playset Large *NEW*

    Cute Nijntje playset! Excluding toy figures.


    Nijntje PlaysetNijntje Toy Figures *NEW*

    Cute plastic Nijntje toy figures, to be used with the playsets or individually.

    Choose Figure:

    Nijntje KapsetNijntje Kapsetje *NEW*

    This set contains a silver plated brush, mirror, and comb. Very cute gift!


    Nijntje MobielNijntje Mobiel *NEW*

    A very cute Nijntje "mobiel."


    Nijntje FotolijstjeNijntje Photo Frames set *NEW*

    A beautiful set of 2 Nijntje photo frames. The set contains one small and one large frame. The large frame has room for a 10x15 cm photograph, and the small frame has room for a 6x9 cm photograph.


    Nijntje Tooth BoxNijntje Tooth Fairy set *NEW*

    Help the tooth fairy with this silver plated tooth box. Height: 6cm. This set also contains a "spaarpot" which can be used to store the tooth fairy's reward!


    Nijntje RVS Dinner-ServiceNijntje RVS Dinner-Service *NEW*

    A beautiful, RVS dinner service. This set contains a plate, a cup, a spoon, a fork, a knife, and a small spoon. Wrapped in a beautiful gift box.


    Nijntje Photo AlbumNijntje Photo Album *NEW*

    A gorgeous and unique Nijntje Photo Album, plated with real silver. Can hold up to 100 photographs.


    Nijntje CutleryNijntje Cutlery *NEW*

    RVS Cutlery set, very unique!


    Nijntje MeetlintNijntje "Meetlint" *NEW* Measuring has never been this cute; with Nijntje plush attachments. Can be washed at 30 degrees Celcius.


    Nijntje Bed SheetsNijntje Bed Sheets *NEW* Going to bed will be easy and fun with this bed sheet; available in pink and blue. 100% Cotton. (140cm x 200cm) Includes pillow case (60cm x 70cm)

    Choose Color:

    Nijntje Rockin' ChairNijntje Rockin' Chair *NEW* A beautiful "Rockin' Chair" with Nijntje applications. Suitable for childeren up to 6 months. It can "Swing & Rock." With safety belt, anti-slip floor protectors. Available in Blue and Red.

    Choose Color:

    Nijntje Rockin' ChairNijntje Crib *NEW* A gorgeous Nijntje crib, which can be easily folded together for storage. Comes with matching storage bag. Sizes (lxwxh): 125 x 65 x 78 cm. Thickness of matras: 2cm. Available in Blue and Red.

    Choose Color:

    Nijntje Baby SetNijntje Baby Set *OUT OF STOCK* A very cute set; a hat, scarf, and baby slippers. In light blue/green, 100% cotton.


    Nijntje Baby CreeperNijntje Baby Creeper *OUT OF STOCK* Dress your baby in a Nijntje outfit. Set of 2 creepers, 100% cotton. Available in various sizes.

    Choose Size:

    Nijntje Baby SetNijntje Baby Outfit *OUT OF STOCK* 100% cotton. Available in various sizes.

    Choose Size:

    Nijntje ServiesSmall Nijntje Tea-Set *OUT OF STOCK* Teapot, 4 cups, 4 saucers, sugar and cream set, porcelain. With cute Nijntje print, a perfect gift.


    Nijntje ApronNijntje Apron *NEW* A cute Nijntje apron. 100% cotton.


    Nijntje MugNijntje & Nina Mug *NEW* Nijntje & Nina mug. Images on both sides. Porcelain, 200ml. Dishwasser and Microwave safe.


    Nijntje GlassNijntje Lemonade Glass *NEW* Nijntje lemonade glass. 200ml. Dishwasser and Microwave safe.


    Nijntje BordNijntje Breakfast Plate *NEW* Nijntje breakfast plate. Porcelain, 20cm. Dishwasser and Microwave safe.


    Nijntje SchaalNijntje Bowl *NEW* Nijntje bowl. Porcelain, 15cm. Dishwasser and Microwave safe.


    Nijntje TrayNijntje Tray *NEW* Nijntje tray. Plastic, 30cm x 21,5cm.


    Nijntje PlacematNijntje Placemat *OUT OF STOCK* Nijntje placemat. 44cm x 28cm.


    Nijntje BestekNijntje Cutlery *NEW* Nijntje cutlery. Set of 1 knife, 1 fork, and 1 spoon.


    Nijntje BestekNijntje Bib *NEW* Nijntje bib.


    Nijntje BaksetNijntje Baking Set *NEW* Nijntje baking set; 23 parts.


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