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Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions help to keep the Typical Dutch Stuff website a safe place to trade and set out an agreement reached between you and Typical Dutch Stuff in connection with this site.

Typicaldutchstuff.com is a trading style of Typical Dutch Stuff and is registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Eindhoven, nr: 17226662. VAT number: NL166867305B01. You should understand that by placing an order, you accept the following terms and conditions:


1. The owner of this web site is Typical Dutch Stuff whose emailaddress is info@typicaldutchstuff.com.
2. Your contract for purchases made through this web site is with Typical Dutch Stuff
3. You agree that e-mail can be used as a long-distance means of communication.
4. No contract for the sale of any product will subsist between you and Typical Dutch Stuff unless and until Typical Dutch Stuff accepts your order by e-mail confirming that it has received payment in full for all the goods you have ordered. That acceptance will be deemed complete and will be deemed for all purposes to have been effectively communicated to you at the time Typical Dutch Stuff sends the e-mail to you (whether or not you receive that e-mail). This confirmation e-mail amounts to an acceptance by Typical Dutch Stuff of your offer to buy goods from Typical Dutch Stuff or a 3rd party supplier that is engaged on your behalf by Typical Dutch Stuff.
5. This confirmation e-mail will contain all relevant statutory information concerning your contract.
6. You must check that the details on this confirmation e-mail are correct as soon as possible and you should print it out and keep a copy of it.
7. Typical Dutch Stuff will not pass on your personal or credit or debit card details to any third party. All creditcard details are handeled through paypal.com, on a SSL secured server, 128-bit encryption, the highest level of protection possible.
8. You undertake that all details you provide to Typical Dutch Stuff for the purpose of ordering or purchasing goods or services are correct, that the credit or debit card you are using is your own and that there are sufficient funds to cover the cost of the goods or services ordered. If you supply incorrect or inaccurate address details and your order does not arrive as a result of this, Typical Dutch Stuff cannot be held responsible for this, and no refund shall be given.

If we have attempted to deliver your goods via a postalservice and the goods are returned to us as you failed to pick up the goods within the time limits imposed by the post office, we will treat this as a cancelled order and we will make a charge not exceeding €20.00 to cover our costs in sending these goods out to you. You will also be charged postage at our current tariff if you require the goods to be re-delivered.

We regret that we cannot be held responsible if the post office has failed to notify you of a attempted delivery. You will need to take this up with the local sorting office.
9. If there are any changes to the details supplied by you it is your responsibility to inform Typical Dutch Stuff as soon as possible.
10. You understand that all purchases are non-exchangeable, non-refundable and non-transferable. All sales are final.


11. Typical Dutch Stuff attempts to ensure that the information available on the website at any time is truthful and accurate. However,Typical Dutch Stuff assumes no duty to update such information and Typical Dutch Stuff cannot guarantee that it will be correct.
12. Typical Dutch Stuff does not accept liability (except as set out below) for any errors and omissions and reserve the right to change information, specifications and descriptions of listed goods, products and services.
13. Typical Dutch Stuff will do its best to correct errors and omissions as quickly as practicable after being notified of them.
a) All items purchased from Typical Dutch Stuff are made pursuant to a shipment contract. This basically means that the risk of loss and title for such items pass to you upon our delivery to the carrier.
b) Each customer has the option between Priority and Standard/Economy shipment. However, orders that weigh less than 2kg and are shipped using Economy/Standard shipping are at the risk of the customer, because tracking and compensation is impossible for these orders. The customer is expected to take this fact into consideration when placing an order, as Typical Dutch Stuff does not take responsibilty for lost packages in this case, and therefore no compensation or refund is given.
c)In the unlikely event that your goods have been lost in transit, Typical Dutch Stuff will start an investigation about the delay or non-delivery of the package through the Postal Service in co-operation with the Postal Service in the country of destination. In general, such an investigation will take at least 3 months. It is crucial to start this investigation within 6 months after the shipment of the missing package, otherwise getting a compensation for the package will not be possible. Compensation is not paid in every case, there are many exceptions. Not every country pays compensation, but most European countries do.
Typical Dutch Stuff will keep you informed of the process and will send you a copy of the results through email.
d) Typical Dutch Stuff can not be held responsible for the loss of quality of perishable goods, ie cheese. Typical Dutch Stuff can and will garantuee that the product is shipped in good condition.
e)In the unlikely event that you receive goods which were not what you ordered or which are damaged or defective, or are of a different quantity to that stated on your order form, Typical Dutch Stuff shall make good any shortage or non-delivery, replace any damaged or expired goods, or refund to you the amount you paid for the goods in question PROVIDED THAT you notify Typical Dutch Stuff of the problem in writing at the emailaddress stated in the confirmation e-mail within 7 working days of delivery of the goods.
15. Typical Dutch Stuff do not accept liability for:-
a) For losses that were not forseeable to both parties when the contract was made.
b) For losses that were not caused by any breach on the part of Typical Dutch Stuff.
c) For business losses and/or losses to non consumers.
e) Goods delivered to Work/Alternative addresses given by the cardholder.

Please Note: Caution must be maintained when having goods being sent to a Work/Alternative address as Typical Dutch Stuff will not accept liability for goods which have been signed for by the address or company in which the goods were delivered other than the cardholders address at your request. We strongly advise if you work in a place which has a high number of employees, ie hospitals or universities, you have the goods delivered to your home address as tracing can be difficult in these circumstances

d) If a refund is required due to unforeseen circumstances, each case will be reviewed individually. However, as stated above, refunds are not often provided. If Typical Dutch Stuff decides that the customer is eligble for a refund, then only the amount of the order will be refunded, minus the shipping and handling costs, as Typical Dutch Stuff has done everything which is required and as the risk has been, as stated in point 14 a), transferred to the carrier.
e) Requests for refunds need to be made within 60 days of the date of purchase. A full refund (excluding shipping and handling costs, as stated in point 15 d) will be granted. If a claim for a refund that has passed our time limit is made, we will charge a 15.00 administrative fee. Note: refunds are only rewarded for orders that due to unforeseen circumstances have not been delivered.

16. Alcoholic drinks can only be imported for personal use. Typical Dutch Stuff can and will not accept bulk orders. Before ordering, the customer is required to consult his or hers countries' regulations for importing alcohol. Typical Dutch Stuff does not accept any responsibility for orders that are held back by the customs. Ordering alcohol is at the customers risk.


17. Typical Dutch Stuff guarantees that the products to be delivered shall meet the usual requirements and standards and that they have taken all the necessary care and attention to assure they correspond to the description that is given on the website on the date the order processed.
a) The guarantee mentioned above shall be valid until the best before date of the products, but only if applicable.
b) No guarantee is given at defect products when this is the result of injudicious or improper use or when the customer has introduced changes or tried to introduce changes to the goods without Typical Dutch Stuff's knowledge or consent in writing. This is also applicable if the customer has used the product for purposes which it was not intended for.

Processing of orders

18. Credit and Debit cards are debited before items are shipped by Typical Dutch Stuff . All prices include sales tax, unless otherwise stated.
19. We will endeavour to dispatch your order within a maximum of 10 business days (not at weekends or holidays, even if it concerns a Dutch holiday). Your order may be delayed if the item is not in stock. Typical Dutch Stuff will inform the customer if an item is out of stock and advise you a date of delivery within 5 days of your order. You may cancel your order at this stage by emailing us at info@typicaldutchstuff.com Please allow up to 10 weeks for delivery if you have selected Economy shipping, as we will not deal with any delivery enquiries before this time has elapsed unless you have specified our Priority Service.


20. If you feel you have any cause to complain, contact us via one of the following methods. We will respond to all queries and complaints within 48 hours. Email us at info@typicaldutchstuff.com and advise us of the details.

We pledge to:

1. acknowledge all complaints within 48 hours
2. advise our consumers how long it will take to resolve the complaint
3. keep the consumer informed throughout the process


21. Any delivery period stated is approximate. IMPORTANT: The place of delivery will be the address on file at the time of dispatch and not when ordered. Delivery may be made in instalments, but we will notify the customer if this is the case.
22. Title to any product ordered will pass to you once Typical Dutch Stuff has received payment in full for that product.
23. You agree that as the importer of record of any goods ordered you will comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the country in which you are receiving goods.
24. Please note that when shipping products internationally you should be aware that cross-border shipments are subject to opening and inspection by customs authorities.

Payment & Site Security

25. Paypal INC. provides a cost-effective gateway which allows Typical Dutch Stuff customers to securely pay for goods and services or complete subscriptions ordered from our web site. The security and privacy of all card details are maintained by Paypal INC.(SSL, 128-bit encryption, the highest level of protection possible and AVS - Address Verification Service) transactions are authorised within seconds.)
26. Paypal INC. is a secure, online, real-time payment service provider, supporting all major credit and debit cards with the (major) Worldwide acquiring banks for Visa, Mastercard, Switch, Solo, Discover and American Express.


27. It is a crime to use a false name or a known invalid credit card to order. Anyone caught wilfully entering an erroneous or fictitious order will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law without exception. Typical Dutch Stuff tracks the electronic 'fingerprints' of every order placed on www.typicaldutchstuff.com to enable us and all legitimate crime prevention and prosecution authorities to trace individual users engaging in criminal activities on our website. Every order is checked with the card issuer to ensure the details you have supplied match with those on the card issuers database.

28. If you do not wish to be bound by these terms and conditions and/or you have changed your mind about your purchase, please click the "Cancel Order" button on our shopping cart.
29. Typical Dutch Stuff may amend these terms and conditions from time to time, and post the new version on the website. When Typical Dutch Stuff do so, Typical Dutch Stuff will mention the fact on our home page www.typicaldutchstuff.com. All purchases from the date of posting onwards will be governed by that new version.
30. You are advised to read (and are responsible for reading) all information on this website fully.

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