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Asian, Indian and Indonesian dishes are getting more and more popular worldwide.

Here in the Netherlands, brands like Conimex, Koningsvogel, and Kokki Djawa produce a large variety of products that will give the dishes that distinct flavor.

If you have a recipe that requires fresh ingredients, such as Djintan or Djahe , you can easily replace that with the same amount of the powdered version, it gives the same taste and effect, but it's easier to use and easier to find.

Some of the products that we offer are suitable for vegetarians and/or vegans. We will mark all the products in the future, so it's easy to see whether you can use the product or not. We will keep expanding our collection, as there are so many products that can be used for these dishes.

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Kühne Mierikswortel Kühne Mierikswortel €2.28
incl. VAT €2.49
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Saitaku Rice Vinegar Saitaku Rice Vinegar €4.98
incl. VAT €5.43
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Saitaku Sushi Kit Saitaku Sushi Kit €14.98
incl. VAT €16.33
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Saitaku Sushi Nori Saitaku Sushi Nori €4.18
incl. VAT €4.56
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Saitaku Sushi Rice Saitaku Sushi Rice €5.30
incl. VAT €5.78
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Saitaku Wasabi Paste Saitaku Wasabi Paste €5.38
incl. VAT €5.86
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Sereh (Lemongrass) Powder Sereh (Lemongrass) Powder €3.78
incl. VAT €4.12
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Displaying 261 to 267 (of 267 products)
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