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Zwitsal Baby

Baby Gift BasketBaby's First Basket A basket of beautiful quality. Filled with all sorts of products to welcome a new born into this world! Includes: Zwitsal Babyoil, Zwitsal Baby Cream, Zwitsal Baby Body Lotion, Zwitsal Hair Foam, Zwitsal Foam Bath, Aniseed Muisjes (pink or blue, please specify at message field), scented candles for the new mom, a gorgeous towel (in either pink or blue) and a cute stuffed animal, which is baby safe! The basket will be giftwrapped and you can specify which colors you want us to use in the message field at the payment screen.

basket 55.99

Tummy Tub Baby Bath Tummy Tub Baby Bath Tummy Tub Baby Bath

Tummy Tub Baby Bath *NEW*

"The Tummy Tub is a new concept in bathing babies up to 6 months. The benefits of Tummy Tub are acknowledged in maternity hospitals througout Europe. It was designed in the Netherlands (that's why we added it to our selection) by childcarers to ease the transition from the comfort of the mother's womb." For a full list of features and instructions, please click here.

Choose Color:

Tummy Tub Baby Bath Tummy Tub Baby Bath Tummy Tub Baby Bath

Tummy Tub Two Step Stool Combo *NEW*

This combination of the Tummy Tub Two Step Stool and the Tummy Tub Cup forms the perfect accessory for the Tummy Tub. The Two Step Stool is also perfect to be used in the bathroom.

Choose Color:

Melkmeisje ShowergelMelkmeisje Shower Cream *NEW* A gorgeous shower/bath cream, made with Karnemelk or Vanilla.

bottle 5.99 1000g
Choose Scent:

Melkmeisje BodylotionMelkmeisje Bodylotion *NEW* A body lotion made with Karnemelk/Vanilla.

bottle 5.99 1000g

Zwitsal Mama Breast CreamZwitsal Mama Breast Cream *NEW* A mild cream that keeps the delicate skin of your breasts soft and smooth. It does not contain parfum, so it is safe to use when you breastfeed.

tube 7.99 275g

Zwitsal Mama Belly BalmZwitsal Mama Belly Balm *NEW* A mild cream that keeps the delicate skin of your belly soft and smooth. Contains shea butter.

tube 7.99 275g

Zwitsal Mama Mama Firming Body Gel-CreamZwitsal Mama Firming Body Gel-Cream *NEW* A mild cream with the typical Zwitsal scent. Firms your skin.

tube 7.99 275g

Zwitsal Mama Bath and Shower CreamZwitsal Mama Bath and Shower Cream *NEW* A mild bath and shower cream.

bottle 6.99 275g

Zwitsal Lavender Bath/Shower GelLavender Bath/Shower Gel *NEW* A gorgeous Bath/Shower gel with lavender and chamomile. This soothes the skin and the mind of your baby, and helps them to sleep. Soapfree.

bottle 7.69 275g

Zwitsal Eucalyptus and Thyme Bath/Shower GelEucalyptus and Thyme Bath/Shower Gel *NEW* A gorgeous Bath/Shower gel with Eucalyptus and Thyme. This soothes the skin and the mind of your baby, and helps them to sleep. Soapfree, suitable for babies who are 3 months and older, but also for adults who suffer from a common cold.

bottle 7.69 275g

Zwitsal Body MilkBody Milk *NEW* This protective body milk is perfect for your baby, especially if he or she has a dry skin. It helps to soothe and sinks in, leaving a thin, soft layer. With "Vernix Protection."

tube 8.99 350g

Zwitsal Body CreamBody Cream *NEW* This protective body cream is perfect for soothing dry patches. With "Vernix Protection."

tube 8.99 200g

Zwitsal ZinkzalfZwitsal Zinkzalf Use this if your baby suffers from a diaper rash. It heals wounds faster than normal cream

tube 4.99 100g

Zwitsal Bath MilkBath Milk *NEW* This is a great product; it contains "Vernix Protection," which is based on the principles of "Vernix Caseosa"; the natural protective layer each newborn possesses. A very mild, soapfree, and non-foaming product. (Not to be used if your child is lactose intolerant)

bottle 5.99 200ml

Zwitsal Moist TissuesMoist Tissues *NEW* All parents know that it can be tricky to teach young childeren to use the "grown up" toilet all by themselves. These moist tissues (which come in an attractive box) might be able to help them; they do not contain alcohol. The tissues have that distinct Zwitsal scent and can be flushed down the toilet. This makes going to the toilet more fun..hopefully!

box (60 tissues) 7.99 475g

Zwitsal Moist Tissues RefillMoist Tissues Refill *NEW* Refill pack for the Moist Tissues Box.

pack (60 pieces) 6.99 300g

Zwitsal Anti BergAnti "Berg" *NEW* "Berg" occurs a lot among newborns, it can be recognized as a yellowish, flaky layer. It appears mostly on the scalp and forehead. It usually dissapears within 2 years, and it's difficult to prevent, but easier to help the healing process. How to use: Take a cottonwool out of the Zwitsal Anti-Berg pot and apply it on places which contain the flaky layer. Leave it on overnight and wash it off the next morning with, for instance, Zwitsal Babyshampoo. It is suggusted to repeat the treatment for 14 days.

pot (34 pieces) 12.99 300g

Zwitsal Hand SoapHand Soap *NEW* Hand soap which has that distinctive Zwitsal scent. Ideal for childeren but also for adults who have to wash their hand frequently; it helps to keep your hands soft.

bottle 4.75 300ml

Zwitsal Hand SoapBath Oil *NEW* A perfect bath oil for dry skin. It blends perfectly with water and does not leave a slippery layer on the skin.

bottle 9.99 475ml

Zwitsal BabyoilBabyoil This babyoil will clean and take care of tender baby skin. The oil will only clean the surface of the skin, and does not sink in.

bottle 5.50 350g

Zwitsal Baby CreamBaby Cream Zwitsal cream contains vegetable canola oil, and is a mild, moisturizing cream, preventing the skin to dry out.

tub 4.99 200g

Zwitsal Baby Body LotionBaby Body Lotion Zwitsal Body Lotion contains vegetable canola oil, and is a mild, moisturizing lotion. It absorbs as soon as applied.

bottle 5.75 200g

Zwitsal Baby TalcBaby Talc Zwitsal Baby Talc comes in a handy dispenser, and contains vegetable canola oil.

tub 4.99 250g

Zwitsal Cheek CreamCheek Cream Zwitsal Cheek Cream contains vegetable canola oil, and is a mild, moisturizing cream for the tender baby skin. It takes care of dry, sore baby cheeks.

tube 5.99 150g

Zwitsal Massage OilMassage Oil *OUT OF STOCK* This massage oil consists for 90% out of vegetable canola oil, the oil sinks in quite well, and does not leave a greasy film on your baby's (or your) skin.

bottle 5.99 250g

Zwitsal Hair FoamHair Foam This will make washing your baby's hair more easier and fun! With an easy to use pump, so you can use both your hands on your little one. The soft foam contains Chamomile extract and is gentle for the skin.

bottle 5.99 300g

Zwitsal Baby ShampooBaby Shampoo A mild shampoo, containing vegetable canola oil, cleanses and conditions your baby's hair, without stinging the eyes. Thanks to a unique formula, your baby won't have to feel any pain anymore. 100% soapfree.

bottle 4.99 200g

Zwitsal Baby Hair LotionBaby Hair Lotion This lotion is created with vegetable canola oil, to freshen up the hair, and give it a wonderful smell.

bottle 5.99 200g

Zwitsal Cream SoapCream Soap This soap is created with vegetable canola oil, it removes oils from the skin and prevents it from building up.

2-pack 3.50 250g

Zwitsal Foam BathFoam Bath This foam bath is created with vegetable canola oil, and is suitable for babies older than 1 year.

bottle 5.50 200g

Zwitsal Soap Free Wash GelSoap Free Wash Gel This wash gel is soap free, and is great for washing your baby's tender skin and face.

bottle 7.25 400g

Zwitsal Glitter Shower GelGlitter Shower Gel A super cool shower gel for the little ones in a cute Goofy bottle. The glitter is safe.

bottle 4.99 200g

Zwitsal Mickey Mouse ShampooMickey Mouse Shampoo A great shampoo for Mickey Mouse and Zwitsal lovers! Soapfree.

bottle 4.99 200g

Zwitsal Super Bubble Bath FoamSuper Bubble Bath Foam This bath foam will contain so many bubbles, your kids will love them! Comes in a cute Donald Duck bottle.

bottle 4.99 200g

Nutricia Bambix CookiesNutricia Bambix Cookies *NEW* Delicious Bambix cookies in six individuals bags. Suitable for 15 months and up.

box 2.99 150g

Choose Flavor:

Nutricia Bambix CookiesNutricia Bambix Cereal/Fruit Bars *NEW* Delicious Bambix cereal or fruit bars. 3 bars per package. Suitable for 1-3 year olds.

box 3.25 150g

Choose Flavor:

Nutricia Bambix PorridgeNutricia Bambix Groeipap *NEW* Bambix porridge is a great substitute for bread. Email us for an extensive ingredient list.

box 3.65 225g

Choose Flavor:

Nutricia Bambix PorridgeNutricia Bambix Smulpap *NEW* Bambix Smulpap is a great treat for a little one. Email us for an extensive ingredient list.

box 3.75 175g

Choose Flavor:

Liga First StepLiga First Step These cookies are especially for the younger childeren, starting from 4 months old. They are designed to be mixed with baby food. There are no salt, milk or eggs added. Packed per 2 biscuits.

8 pack 2,50 250g

Liga Second StepLiga Second Step Another biscuit for the kids, this one is made for 6 months and up. Especially made to make porridge. No milk and eggs are added. Packed per 2 biscuits.

8 pack 2,50 250g

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