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Bonbon chocolate

Bonbons are small, often luxurious, sweet treats made of chocolate. There is a great variety of dutch bonbons, including many variations of fillings such as different chocolate flavors, fruit, nuts, marzipan or caramel. Something to choose for everyone! At Dutch Expat Shop, you can find various types of bonbons. What makes bonbons so popular is the wide range and the many variations of flavors and textures, often presented in a more luxurious packaging. Therefore, they are also very suitable as a gift for a business relation, on a holiday or as a sign of appreciation.

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  1. Guylian Belgische chocolade origineel
    Guylian Belgische chocolade origineel
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  2. Guylian Zeevruchten
    Guylian Zeevruchten
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Origin of bonbons

Bonbons sweets date back to the 16th century when cocoa was first brought to Europe from South America by Spanish conquerors. Chocolate was already popular among the Aztecs and Mayans before the arrival of the Spaniards. In Europe, people began to sweeten chocolate with sugar, which significantly changed its taste and increased its popularity. The bonbons as we know them today, with their chocolate shell and various types of filling, originated in the 19th century when the techniques for processing chocolate improved. The invention of the cocoa press was a milestone.


Where does the term bonbon come from? "Bon" translated from French means “good”. So, bonbon means good-good, which is a beautiful term for something tasty. The word 'bonbon' has been adopted in many languages. The term can have a different nuance in different cultures, but generally, it refers to this small sweet chocolate, known as luxurious, and a fun treat.

Types of Bonbons

In the Netherlands, you can find many variants of bonbons. But what types of bonbons from Holland are there? Below is a list of the most popular types:

  • Pralines: with a soft filling of ground nuts and sugar
  • Truffles: soft, creamy chocolate bonbon with a ganache filling
  • Ganache: have a soft, creamy filling made of chocolate mixed with cream
  • Fruit jelly: contains a clear jelly-like filling made from fruit puree
  • Caramel: soft or liquid caramel filling
  • Nougat: contains a soft, chewy filling made of sugar, honey, whipped egg whites, and roasted nuts
  • Marzipan: a sweet paste of ground almonds and sugar. Marzipan can be used pure or mixed with fruit or liqueur flavors
  • Liqueur: filled with various liqueurs
  • Coffee: the filling or coating has a coffee flavor

Shelf life of Bonbon sweets

While pure chocolate often has a shelf life of 1.5 to 2 years, this is different for bonbons due to the filling. The shelf life depends on various factors such as ingredients and freshness. Under the right storage conditions, bonbons generally stay good for three to six months.

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