Payment methods

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At Dutch Expat Shop, we accept the following payment methods:

iDeal, Sofort Banking, Giro Pay & Mister Cash (Bancontact)

If you have access to internet banking, you can choose to pay using iDeal, Sofort Banking, Giro Pay and Mister Cash (Bancontact). iDeal, Sofort Banking, Giro Pay and Mister Cash (Bancontact) are the easiest ways of paying online. You can pay quickly, easily and securely and on top of that, payments to Dutch Expat Shop when using iDeal, Sofort Banking, Giro Pay and Mister Cash (Bancontact) are completely free of charge. As soon as you have paid, your order will be processed immediately and will be ready for shipment within three (3) business days.

Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro & American Express), PayPal & AliPay

At any time, you can use your credit card, PayPal or AliPay to pay using our highly secure payment page, which is offered by Adyen, our payment provider. Any credit card information is subsequently encrypted and will only be transferred through a secure SSL connection (Secure Socket Layer). The advantage of payments by credit card, PayPal and AliPay are the highest levels of security, as your data is safeguarded very strictly and will never be stored anywhere. On top of that, payments via credit card, PayPal and AliPay are completely free of charge and your order will be processed immediately. Your order will be ready for shipment within three (3) business days.

Bank transfers

A bank transfer means that you - after placing an order - will manually transfer the amount on the invoice to our bank account. In this case, you should take into account a transfer time of 1 to 5 business days. You should also mention with your bank transfer the order number, which is included in your order confirmation. After receiving your payment, Dutch Expat Shop will immediately process your order and have it ready for shipment within three (3) business days. Prepayment is entirely secure and can be done free of charge.

If you choose to use a bank transfer, you will need the following information:

IBAN: NL43 RABO 0124 8980 33


Attn. Dutch Expat Shop
Torenakkerweg 11A
5735 BG Aarle-Rixtel
The Netherlands

Your order number:

The order number will be sent to you by e-mail when we have confirmed your order.

Here you will find some information concerning bank transfers. A bank transfer from one country to another can only be done by using IBAN and BIC (also known as SWIFT address). IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is an international standardized bank account number to facilitate international bank transfers, while BIC (Bank Identifier Code) is a standardized code that indicates to which bank the payment must be transferred. However, the BIC is only necessary to execute payments within Europe.

To transfer money by using IBAN and BIC, you will need special money transfer cards, which you can get at your bank. For more information, it would be the best to contact your own bank.